Type 1 Diabetes

Don’t write off “woo-woo” approaches to teen anxiety

EFT tapping for teen anxiety

EFT tapping for anxiety in teens. This article and podcast explains what tapping is, how it works and the benefits of tapping. Read a step by step guide to EFT tapping for beginners, and listen to a live session to see how tapping reduces anxiety instantly.

10 Actors with type 1 diabetes

If a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes has left you reeling, watch some feelgood TV and movies featuring famous diabetic actors you never knew have type 1. It’s guaranteed to help you realise that life can still be amazing even now you have diabetes.

Diabetes: It’s no joke

Why it’s time for ordinary people to understand what diabetes really is, and stop the stereotyping that contributes to the pain and stress of living with the condition

Diabetes Anniversary: Not Drowning But Waving

Learning to surf on the Flowrider at Thorpe Park

A diabetes anniversary is always a time for reflection. If you’d asked me three years ago how I felt about diabetes, I would probably would have burst into tears before I’d managed to utter more than a sentence. But here’s why I’m glad, 3 years on, for the lessons it has taught us…

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