Hi! I’m Helen.

I’m a lifestyle blogger and a (sometimes terrified) mum of two teenagers who are leaving me in the dust faster than you can say empty nest. Some days I survive on really good coffee. I love bright colours, a good gossip, and clothes shopping with my girl – she’s my very own personal stylist! I’m #50NotOut, going up a gear in life now my kids are older – who’s with me?

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Teenage Kicks podcast - teen parenting chat

Welcome to the Teenage Kicks Podcast


Taking the fear out of parenting teens

Have you noticed how once your kids become teens or tweens, the parenting advice on the internet dries up? Because when your kids get older they don’t want you sharing their most embarrassing secrets with your friends – or worse still, theirs!

Which is why I created the Teenage Kicks podcast. Each week I talk to someone who had a difficult time as a teenager, but came out the other side in a good place, and has a positive perspective to offer others who might be in similar situations.

Click now to read great teen mental health conversations.

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