Parenting Teenagers

Good podcasts for teenagers

If your teen likes listening to podcasts, here's a great list of good podcasts for teenagers they might like to try.

Does your teen listen to podcasts? If not, they’re missing out. Here’s a list of good podcasts for teenagers, compiled by a teen.

A very special 18th birthday gift for book lovers

What do you get a book lover for their 18th birthday? Here's the ultimate gift

What do you get for an 18 year old’s birthday that will be remembered forever? Well, if you have a book lover, this is the perfect gift. Check out what we did, and which books will delight your own bookworm

First jobs for teenagers – what to do and how to get the job!

A job in a restaurant or café is the perfect first job for teenagers

It can feel daunting trying to get your first job, so we’ve rounded up a list of the best first jobs for teenagers to give you some ideas. Plus, we give you handy hints and tips on how to get the job – from what to put on your CV to how to handle the interview.

Preventing teen suicide from bullying

suicide from bullying is preventable

What you need to know about teen suicide from bullying. Read Amanda Todd’s story, learn tips on how to stop bullying behaviour, and how to support a teenager who is being bullied. Plus a young adult novel about coping with bullying.

Difficult teenager? Don’t write them off just yet

Parents worry about difficult teenager relationships

At some point as a parent you’re going to think you’ve got a difficult teenager, and worry about your relationship with your child. Here’s one story which might reassure you that all is not lost if you’ve had a difficult journey through your teen’s adolescence.

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