Wot So Funee? and Alphabet Thursday

Wot So Funee?

This week Wot So Funee? is on it’s travels to the lovely blog of Jenny Matlock who asks us to choose something to represent a letter of the alphabet. Good job today wasn’t F or we would have been mainly giggling at the Bug! No, today’s letter is H. “Wot is funee about the letter H?” we asked ourselves. Then we remembered the Black Hole. So for us:

H is for hole

If you have not read the story of the black hole, take a look (it is quite possible that it is the funeeist post I have ever written), but it boils down to a bad dream the Bug once had, about being chased by a black hole. Mummy always helps us create an alternative image of really bad dreams so that they don’t bother us again. I filled the Bug’s black hole with candy floss, hence the pink:

It’s nothing that can’t be solved with a little pink

That black hole scarpered and was never seen round our way again. You got any dreams that need turning around? Just email me and I will sort them out for you and post your picture up here. Guaranteed or your virtual money back ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, for those of you wanting a Bugism, here’s a quick #funee before we go. Often in shops the Bug is entranced by all the colourful things that just have to be touched. This happened the other day:

  • Bug: Ooohhhh I looooove those Mummy!
  • Mummy: Really? What are they?
  • Bug: I dunno……

So H is also for Huh?

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13 thoughts on “Wot So Funee? and Alphabet Thursday”

  1. I love that! Just love it. The way you take the bad dreams and candy floss them away. Gonna have to give that a go.
    Does candy floss work with dinosaurs and Dr Who baddies?

    • Ah, yes the dino dream! For that you need glue, and feathers, which you throw in his face. Then you chuck a log in front of him and he trips over. Or, you can draw a waistcoat on him, then jump up and hang onto the buttons so that he can’t see you under his tummy and gets confused!
      Doctor Who – have you ever bent a Dalek’s antenna up so it hits the sky?
      Basically, if in doubt, glue and feathers!!!

  2. When my oldest son had a bad dream, I always gave him a glass of “magic water” to neutralize any monsters. I always stirred the potion up with my finger. Worked every time!!

  3. This is such a wonderful idea…

    Hooray!!! No more black hole!!!

    Thanks for this lovely addition to the letter “H”!!!

    Great job,



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