Reasons to be Cheerful and Thankful Thursday

Mummy is very cheerful, or so she says. I fail to see it somehow. What is it about grown-ups that makes them cry when they are happy. Grown-ups are just not normal. Take me: happy = smile; sad =cry, or at the very least grumble. Grown-ups just have a very upside-down view of the world, don’t you think? But she says she is happy. Happy and thankful, so I guess somewhere in that weird old-lady mind of hers she must be.

"Early Reading"The Bug (who started school in September and is now 4 and a half) brought home reading books today. I said they didn’t look very interesting and flounced off, because honestly, they didn’t.

Mummy carried on wittering (it is wittering, right?) on the laptop and paid no attention. Then somewhere in her consciousness she registered this:

  • I – c-a-n can – s-i-t – sit – o-n – on – a – r-o-c-k – rock. I can sit on a rock!
  • I – c-a-n – can – g-e-t – get – u-p – up – o-n – on – t-o-p. I can get up on top!

Mummy turned her whizzle chair to see. And there sat the Bug, lost in concentration, reading….

So why did she cry?


16 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful and Thankful Thursday”

  1. Yay bug. My Z is the same age, although I haven’t cried yet, I’m too busy trying to stop his little sisters ripping his book up. 🙂

  2. This is exactly how our Wednesday went (yesterday). K’Boo (also started school in September and is 5 in just over a week) came home with her school bag, excited to show me she had ‘homework.’ It was mid November when they stopped bringing book bags home. She loves sounding letter out and I’ve seen her say some of the words in books she has been reading (sounding out the letters first). But yesterday, she sat and read a book about a Ladybird – I mean she actually sat and read each page, sounding the letters out and recognising the words they make. HD and Me sat there ‘lump in throat’ amazed at how with such a long break from home reading her school books, it seemed to click so fluently.
    Aren’t they amazing! Well done Bug!

    • I remember with GG that she would suddenly just click in and move up a level every so often. That’s why I haven’t fretted too much about the Bug – I knew he would get it when he was ready. But I was astonished just to hear him suddenly start reading to himself!

  3. Thats really, really good, I would of cried too, my 5 year old is doing well with his lettes but not reading yet. My 8 year old has really struggled but my R2BC is about how his switch seems to have suddenly flicked and I am so proud that I too shed a tear or 2. The Bug is obviously very clever!

  4. That is just brilliant. Reading is one of the skills I get emotional about too, far more an when the stabilisers came off the bike. It enriches you life so much to love reading. Lovely lovely post. Looks like there will be a bug blog soon too!

    Thanks for linking up to the education showcase on love all blogs.

    • Oh I can feel it brewing – what’s the betting he’s even funnier than his sister? I can’t wait for his notes, when they come!

  5. Bug is very clever indeed, my 4.5 year olds are nto reading yet. Miss M is close but Miss E struggles so much, bless her.

    Mich x


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