Wot So Funee?

Four years ago me and the Bug, plus M&D went on holiday with some very good friends. We had the most fabulous holiday, and the presence of my friend’s Mum was a huge advantage, given that she is the best natural family photographer in Hertfordshire! I got this as a housewarming gift later that year:


This was followed by a beautiful book of images that we treasure, laughing as we recall a game in the shallow water, a mocktail on the beach, or the sandcastle moat competitions organised daily by our fathers.

Oh how we loved that holiday! And how I thrilled at the arrival of letters from a secret mermaid, whose squirrel friend would surprise us by pegging them on the clothesline every few days for us to find. We would write back to her, and wait with eager anticipation for a reply. Oh yes, I believed, and I continued to write to Melody the mermaid. Mummy has an extra special thank you for her friend, for that lovely to touch to our holiday. THANK YOU, I still believe, 4 years later…

"magic letter to a mermaid"

Any suggestions as to how I can ensure a satisfactory response would be most welcome…

If you need beautiful photos of your family and can make it to Hertfordshire you will love Stephanie Belton. Just don’t take her on holiday with you πŸ˜‰

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