What to do on a sunny day…

We are a bit sick of the cold. It is set to snow again this weekend, and my mind is on holidays. I crave the warmth of sunshine, or at least the cheer of a fresh bright morning. Is it just me who thrills to the sight of a sunny day? Is the school-run suddenly different, more interesting?

No, of course not; it is we who change at the first emergence of the sun; our moods that swing to the ascendant as the sun rises feebly over the playground. It puts a smile on our faces; we didn’t know we were missing it until it came…

This week we were thrilled to have one beautiful (if chilly) day to spend outdoors. The Bug ran in fields – a necessary activity for a balanced young boy! – and I cooked fish on a hollowed-out log. We discovered various styles of den, various lengths of tree branch, various types of panther (cats)… Our parents played with us! We forgot that we were on a walk. Such is the power of a clear blue sky.

Check the sky tomorrow. If it’s grey, fair enough – we all like a good duvet day. If you see the merest patch of blue, get out there – adventure is waiting!

2013-02-17 036

We’re linking this post to Coombe Mill’s Country Kids. We’re looking forward to spending some time with them this year, dragging our parents into their version of the outdoors! Click the badge to see the really great outdoors!

25 thoughts on “What to do on a sunny day…”

  1. LOVE your video. It is so true, the sun does make a difference. Getting out regardless is good, but there is no denying it is more enjoyable in the sun. Did you really cook your fish in that log? I’ve always wanted to try that. Thanks for linking up, a perfect post!

  2. What a lovely video. Enjoyed the pics, the captions and the lovely music.
    Great post and lucky lucky you if you get to Coombe Mill – I would LOVE to.

  3. Look at the sheer delight on her face, what a brilliant picture. Kids really do shine in the outdoors don’t they

  4. That is definitely my kind of ending! :0) Lovely photos! I love the snowdrops and the all alone one! Also very intrigued to know where the magic key led to! :0) xx

  5. Very true that it’s necessary for a boy to run outdoors! My kids often moan about the dreaded ‘walk’, but soon cheer up when they find they can run and see different things. It’s not just a walk, it’s so much better than that.

  6. My video for this weeks country kids pales a bit in comparison! I know what you mean about forgetting you are supposed to be walking, my wee man is easily distracted these days…it only takes a stick or stone! Bring on the sunshine!

  7. We so need more blue skies. Even when it’s not raining, it seems to be grey. Let’s hope there’s better weather soon.

  8. I dragged the kids out in the rain today. Within 2 minutes they were sword fighting with umbrellas, kicking at puddles, hiding from aliens (we have odd neighbours) and pretending to be OAPs with walking sticks. Fresh air is the new sugar rush I tell ya!

  9. Lucky you caught it, come back soon spring…
    Love the magic key pic, really looks like it should open into fairy kingdom.

    • I can’t remember what they said was in there, but he worked on it for a long time, and used 2 different “keys” I love the imagination they have!

  10. What an absolutely beautiful day, they really got to grips with setting up the ‘home’ didn’t they? I was slightly worried about the ‘fish’ at first, I couldn’t quite see you mucking in with gutting and skinning a fish.

    Nipping over from Country Kids.

  11. i think if you have a trampline and a slid and it is a sunny day just put your slide from where your trampline opens put it there and put some water on your trampline


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