The most ridiculous idea for Comic Relief

Here’s what I’m doing for Comic Relief. I’m going round the playground telling all my friends to get their mums to log on and sponsor my Mum. Because I want to see her cringe. Because I know she doesn’t want to do this. And for that reason I want to see her do it all the more.

Mummy promised to wear a silver ball gown from her Twenties to her Eighties dress up Rock Choir rehearsal in aid of Comic Relief. She wanted 100 people to donate £1 each to make her do it. Thanks to some very generous people (thanks Steph for taking her up to the target) she smashed it.

"red nose day comic relief"


So she did the most ridiculous thing! She promised that on the morning of the rehearsal, if she reached her new, raised target, she would also do the school run in said ridiculous ball gown.

Now that’s got to be worth £1, no?


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