I managed to escape the curse of headlice until the age of 7. Mummy thought it was because she was so meticulous about combing conditioner through my hair every time we washed it. But inevitably the day came when we had to face facts. Head lice come to us all at some point. Sadly we discovered it at bed-time, after a particularly long day – you can see here how that went!

I have super-thick hair, so I spent 2 hours in a bath while Mummy practically scalped the nits off me. Such was her horror and desire to never de-louse me again, that she set about discovering all the facts about head lice she could ever need to know. Some of them surprised her. This infographic tells you all you need to know about head lice:


20 Facts About Headlice Infographic by the team at Giraffe Childcare

I’m itching already, just reading about the little critters!

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