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Our dream holiday in Orlando: what makes a good theme park?

Yesterday I recounted our excitement at travelling to Orlando. We were off on the trip of a lifetime, and despite a few hiccups we made it! So, 11 theme parks later, I’m back to tell you what I’ve learned on my epic rollercoaster tour. What makes a good theme park? a. You have to get the queue experience right This (ficticious) Jabba’s Palace attraction has the queue system completely wrong. First, it opens well after the park opening time, so immediately falling short of customer expectations. You will find this at Sea World: we turned up early to beat the queues, only …

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Our dream holiday in Orlando: we’re off on an epic trip!

A while back we showed you this video reveal of the plan for our dream holiday in Orlando. Bearing in mind that by the day of our trip we clearly knew we were off to Florida’s Disney World resort, so we considered Daddy’s attempt to wind us up nothing short of brutal: We quickly put him straight and dragged him away from the Easyjet desks: Panic over, we set about getting excited. Here are some basic tips on how to make the most of a long plane journey with kids: Arrive at the airport super-early. Yes early! The grown-ups will …

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London with kids: a perfect weekend and an “epic” hotel!

What to do and where to stay in London with kids: “It’s really nice here, even though it’s a bit posh.” nice  adjective, nic·er, nic·est. 1. pleasing; agreeable; delightful: a nice visit. In other words, kids like it. posh adjective. sumptuously furnished or appointed; luxurious. A posh place. In other words, adults like it. You couldn’t really get a better recommendation for a family friendly hotel. Happy kids + happy parent = great weekend. We’re just back from a very cool weekend in London with the kids. Before the children were born, we spent a lot of time in the capital, wining and dining, visiting the sights and soaking up the …

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A half-term family holiday in France is closer than you think

It’s snowing. Again. I’m bored now, and instead of the excitement of a glittering white blanket of silence outside, all I see out of my bedroom window is another long day indoors. I might momentarily relish the slothful prospect of staying in pj’s, but such thrill soon dissolves, to be replaced by sibling quarrels as dirty as the grey slush which lines the gutters. What I need now is a holiday, or at least the delicious anticipation of spending my half-term break somewhere warm, with a great pool, lots to do, and close to a fabulous beach. The May half-term …

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Take a deep breath, and jump into the blue!

This time last year, the Bug was afraid of water. The weekly swimming lesson had to be tackled with a careful blend of patience, encouragement, tear-immunity, and McFlurry promises. If we could get him into the water without a tear falling, it would be brilliant; if the grumbling was allowed to take hold, an inconsolable wreck would be handed back 15 minutes later. So an element of trepidation hooked up with us as we hit the swimming pool on our Siblu holiday last July. We needn’t have worried: (Do watch to the end of this video; if you don’t have …

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Can you really do a posh London restaurant with children?

Guest post from Mummy… Remember the Oxo Tower? The Palais du Jardin? The Ivy? Oh, erm, no – I never did manage to get a reservation there, unless you count the one for dinner on a Monday in 7 months time, at 3.47pm, table back by 4.30 please… Anyway, those were the days, weren’t they? The days before the kids had us eschewing the fine dining in London that we were used to. Yes, those days, the ones which relied on a dual income, plenty of free time, and table manners! Going out for a meal is now more likely to …

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Things to do on a beach

Our week in Brittany was courtesy of Siblu Holidays, which we highly recommend as an affordable but quality family holiday. The beaches in Brittany are awesome, and as you can see, it’s pretty easy to find something to keep us amused, whatever the weather!

The food in Brittany – not just your usual crêpe!

Devouring a plate of “Citron Chantilly” (that’s lemon and sweet whipped cream to the likes of you and me) didn’t take me long, and the Bug wolfed down his Apple and Caramel version with equal gusto. But whilst M&D enjoyed their savoury versions (galettes, if you need to know) they marvelled at the 199 possible compositions of this mealtime staple and dessert treat of Brittany on offer at the Crêperie Mariniere in Trévignon. But the food in Brittany is not just about these gorgeous pancake confections. Oh no no no no noooo…… There is more! And here is just a …

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What to pack for a camping holiday

Camping was never Mummy’s style. She likes her super-kingsize bed with Hypnos mattress far too much to leave it without due care and consideration. But we have friends who twisted her arm tempted her into giving it a try. We are just back from our 5th trip with them, and Mummy reckons she has finally got her Camping Packing List maximised for comfort. So for anyone wondering whether they can cope with a camping trip, here are our best tips for what to take. Click the link above for a tick list you can use for your own packing. If you want …

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Why we’re definitely booking another Siblu holiday

We came home just as the weather turned bad again! Our ridiculous timing took us out of the country just as the sunshine arrived for its week long holiday in the UK. That in itself would be sufficient to see M&D booking another Siblu holiday, but that isn’t the driving factor. Is it the splash park my brother and I spent long hours in, only being dragged away when our teeth were chattering with cold, and then only for as long as it took to eat yet another French ice-cream? The gorgeous beaches, wide enough to find our own space – no …

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Water Park: how to take awesome photos

It’s really easy. Point. Click. The subject matter does all the rest. Kids and water. Here is a bunch of random shots we took, at the truly awesome water park at Siblu’s Domaine de Kerlann holiday park in northern France.   We spent 5 of our 6 days in Brittany at the water park. On the day we left the park to go sightseeing, all they could talk about was getting back to the Siblu water park. We were given our Siblu holiday free of charge so we could write some reviews, but the fun was generated purely from within. …

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Why parents not only can, but should take their kids to the Catalunya Vineyards

  As I climbed out of the air-conditioned car the heat walloped me in the face and my eyes screwed tight against the sun’s glare over the vines. I reluctantly handed over my games console and prepared for the boredom to kick in. Our holiday in Catalunya was underway, but as far as I was concerned it wouldn’t begin until we got to our campsite on the Costa Brava, so for now I was planning to be a grumpy 6-going-on-13-year-old. Catalunya vineyards Champage it is not! (Legally anyway) We had visited the Codorniu vineyards and wine cellars at Sant Sadurni …

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Family-Friendly Travel: Should Airlines Segregate?

As the holiday season approaches, I thought it pertinent to raise the issue of air-travel with families – and those individuals who are not family-friendly. Whilst reading the Sunday papers last weekend Mummy had what can only be described as a coffee-snort moment. Apparently someone had written to the Sunday Times travel section complaining about the fact that families are allowed to share the same space as normal grown-ups. The author of the complaint had been compelled to sit next to a baby who not only failed to keep its arms and legs still, but who showed an unhealthy interest …

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