This year I was a Center Parcs blogger. What this means is that I had a bit of a giggle joining in with challenges every month and writing about them on the blog, and then I had a free holiday at Center Parcs. As an 8 year old, anything which forces my mother into the craft box with me is welcome, so I can thoroughly recommend it from that perspective.

You too can be a Center Parcs blogger!

Center Parcs are now looking for next year’s recruits, so I thought I’d give you 7 reasons why you might like to be part of the programme:

1. You can exercise your writing skills and impress everyone with  your poetic genius. Ahem.

2. You can insist on your mother allowing you to toss pancakes for the first time ever, as she casts a worried glance at the ceiling.

3. You can make said mother pamper you, with a relaxing home-made spa experience. Oh yes she did! I’ve been asking for a repeat ever since, but she’s been a bit busy…

The most fun you'll ever have in a swimming pool - Aqua Sana Spa at Center Parcs

4. You can ditch your mother on your Center Parcs break whilst you get up to mischief and con your father into emptying his wallet, in return for a sack-load of goodies from Treats sweet shop.

5. You can order from the adult’s menu at Huck’s, and then while you wait for your steak (medium) you can play video games and supervised soft play.

6. You can giggle at the ridiculousness of your mother, as she makes a “boat,” and then attempts to have a bath with it. I’ll leave that one to your imagination 😉

7. You can try something you’ve never done before. For us it was geocaching at Center Parcs, which has since led us on all sorts of adventures!


How to apply to be a Center Parcs blogger in 2014

The Center Parcs family blogger programme is now recruiting for 2013/14, and you can be in with a chance of taking part. Head over to the competition page to see how you can enter. And good luck!

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