Freakishly weird: Wot so Funee?

Freakishly weird

Oh brother of mine, you are freakishly weird but I love you.

This, on our way home from school last week caused some bemused looks from my mother. Was this a compliment or a slur? Was it designed to make the Bug happy, or as a put-down of the most withering variety? Who knows? It’s just something I say. I was asked to elaborate:

He is freakishly weird because he loves Skylanders so much.

That, no-one can argue over – he is, and he does.

You, Mummy, are freakishly weird because you’re just too organised.

Daddy is freakishly weird because of his singing.

My friends are freakishly weird too:

L is freakishly weird because she always gets everything right. I mean, that’s seriously freakishly weird. How does she do that??

P is freakishly weird, because whenever you say “C’m’ere little freaky person” she goes all freaky and just starts yelling “freaky, freaky, freaky!”

And E is freakishly weird because she can bark just like a real dog. Come to think of it your sheep impression makes you freakishly weird too, Mummy.

I was asked, if everyone is so freakishly weird, what’s the deal with me?

Oh, I’m just freakishly weird because I am…

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21 thoughts on “Freakishly weird: Wot so Funee?”

    • I live in terror of the Bug one day actually saying wtf. This morning he told his sister she was a “f-*@ing poo poo head” He’s 6! We had stern words

  1. I agree, a personalised t-shirt is definitely the way to go. My eldest hasn’t adopted any phrases as yet, though I’m sure it’s only a matter of time, although she does like to say ‘awesome’ quite a bit but I quite like that!

  2. Maybe we’re all just freakishly weird? I now can’t get a song by The Damned (Grimly Fiendish) out of my head, so I definitely qualify!


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