Wot So Funee? Bug rants!

Wot So Funee?We are having a trying time with the Bug at the moment. We thought he’d outgrown his “threenager” period, and had settled back into being the thoughtful and polite boy we knew before. However it seems we were being conned into a false sense of security, as his temper is well and truly back. Whether it is down to a testosterone surge, the latest Wii game competitiveness, or the new trend for karate chopping at school, labels are not helpful, and we are somewhat bewildered by his new outlook on life. Here are some examples of his recent rants:

  • But I haven’t had a very long time on Moshi Monsters. I haven’t had 45 minutes Mummy! I’ve only had 36 hours…
  • Oooowah! Do I have to eat all my chips Mummy. Why can’t I just have more broccoli? (He does love veg).
  • Daddy! I’m sick and tired of you telling me off! You’ve broken my heart now!
  • I don’t love anyone! I only love Mummy! And she’s a poo-poo head!
  • But I don’t want casserole for tea… I hate casserole… Casserole is disgusting… I’m not eating that… Thank you Mummy that was delicious!
  • I don’t want to go to bed, I’m not tired; I don’t want to go to school, I haven’t had enough sleep…

And I can’t think of any more. Perhaps he’s still just a cuddlebug after all…

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11 thoughts on “Wot So Funee? Bug rants!”

  1. Ah bless him, he’s just a cuddlebug after all. Mine is now 7 1/2 and occasionally displays ‘the quiet, thoughtful boy he was before’ – but it’s more about poos and bums and guns !

  2. Heheh Awww bless poo poo head mummy’s!! Z loves veg too, usually just sweetcorn though and he does adore chips but won’t touch much meat. Arrrgh! He sounds very funny (although I hope the return of the threenager period isn’t around for long!)

  3. love the moshi monsters one – we have that ALL the time!!! The more time they get on the computer the stroppier they are when it is time to come off the computer. Just can’t seem to win on that one.


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