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"silver lame Ballgown"Mummy was recently asked to showcase her worst fashion disaster in the Sun newspaper. She was happy to do so, cognisant of the fact that it actually was rather tasteless, but confident that the excuse of the eighties would more than compensate for her inappropriate flambuoyancy. The Sun editors changed her interview answers to portray her as “desperate Helen.” Mummy wasn’t that bothered; after all, she was pictured looking passable, in a dress she last wore 25 years ago, and had her age queried by a lot of people!

This was Mummy, aged 21, thrilled with her home-made Diana-style ballgown and black lace Madonna gloves. What? It was the eighties!

The reason she couldn’t care less that the Sun misquoted her, is this picture:

"silver ballgown in the Sun"
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My mum is 45. She is larger and more wrinkled than she was when she was 21. She sleeps less and worries more now than she did then. She works 4 times as hard as she did in the eighties. She still wonders what if… But you know what? My mum is 45 and she still rocks a silver lamΓ© ballgown. And she doesn’t regret it – it was the eighties!

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  1. Wow. It’s s Bakofoil delight! I can’t quite believe that you kept it, but who am I to talk? I recently wore my old Girl Guide uniform and posted that!!! No shame.

  2. I think The Sun got it right, fwiw…

    At least you can still get into your 80s fashion faux pas. I burnt all mine!! To be honest though – you look younger in the “now” picture than you do in the original picture.

  3. That is an amazing meringue, I mean dress! You look fabulous -I don’t think I could even fit in something I wore when I was 21 πŸ™‚

  4. Yowzers, that’s a lot of lamΓ© in one dress! You do somehow manage to get away with it though, kudos!!!

  5. Good God woman, no one should look good in THAT dress. But YOU do, how do you do it?

    P.s. I showed Lexie the photo and she said “awww pretty princess” πŸ™‚ x

  6. πŸ™‚ If I half as good as you at 45 I’ll be a happy lady. Still hoping you’ll do that Linky… although I don’t think I’d fit in any of my old shell suits! x

  7. I think it is wonderful that you can fit into a dress from the eighties, I’m not sure if I could but I would suggest not wearing it in public unless of course it is a costume party, just add a nice silvery mask. πŸ™‚

  8. I think mummy looks fabulous! That dress is back in fashion; I’m sure they have similar styles in a dress shop near me.

    CJ x

  9. I remember those days well and got rid of a not dissimilar black dress – which would now be back in and all the rage. I could def not fit into it though. You look great, but then you always do. When you said you had a big Birthday coming up I thought you meant you would be 40! Still younger than me X


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