Wot So Funee? Spelling is….

Wot So Funee?This week Wot So Funee? is all about spelling in the Actually Mummy household; specifically, the differences in ability between me and the Bug at our different stages of the literacy journey. It is also Mummy’s first attempt at a Vlog, which is quite funny in itself! Spot the edits 😉

Now Mummy tells me that I was equally as bad at putting together words when I was the Bug’s age, but I find that difficult to believe, don’t you?

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Please don’t feel compelled to Vlog yourselves (although if you do there is an excellent ‘how-to-Vlog’ post at Mammasaurus).

Wot So Funee?

16 thoughts on “Wot So Funee? Spelling is….”

  1. The Wee One was entranced by Fishy!
    Now if I wanted to spell a word like technological in the bath what’s the betting I wouldn’t have the right letters? Brilliant x

  2. Aww this is so cute. It’s inspired me to buy some letters for in the bath, I could do with brushing up on my spelling 😉 (Little miss might enjoy them too).
    Great work on the Vlog too. x

  3. Love this! Well done you with the whole vlogging thing! My daughter Noo’s response to letters and spelling is the same as Bug’s “I don’t know”. Even when you know they do really (sometimes)!! 😉

  4. That was great!I too loved Mr Fishy!And it’s made me think of a brill idea ~ practice spellings in the bath!That may take a lot of letters tho!I may need to search for some

  5. Wow what a clever and brave mummy. And well done on the spelling – bug isn’t doing too bad. LT thinks that the letter O is a circle – but we do have a J for Jellies – although sometimes it’s the i instead of a j


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