Saturday is Caption Day!

I could come up with some funny captions for this, but I want to know what you think! Then I need you to go have a look at some more! Click the pic below to go to Mammasaurus blog:

Saturday Is Caption Day

22 thoughts on “Saturday is Caption Day!”

  1. I don’t know what you’re all staring at. I’m a trendsetter. You’ll all be wearing them just like this for Spring/Summer2012, darling.

  2. Why did we have to come to this audition for Britain’s Next Mini-Model Mummy? I HATE doing the Posh Walk! Ugh…are there biscuits at the end at least?

  3. This is a game that could only have been thought up by adults! I don’t see them standing here looking like a silly billy!

  4. All excellent, as usual! Pinkoddy he did actually win! And Karin – no biscuits, just lots of upset children at the end – it was a sore point!

  5. If only the teachers had realised that an obsessive mother of another boy had weighed down his beanbag with a two stone weight.


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