Gary Barlow Followed Me On Twitter!

I was sorry to hear Nickie at Typecast’s news last week that Keith Chegwin blocked her on Twitter, and I have subsequently begun a study of celebrity tweeting to see just how interesting I am to the wider, non-blogging world. Think of it as a kind of experiment. The challenge I have set myself is to gain me a celebrity follower!

I should just make one thing clear. Gary Barlow did not actually follow me on Twitter. But I did follow him last night, and so did 210,809 other people, which got me thinking about digital marketing. Within 2 minutes of making his first tweet live on the Xtra Factor, he had 2,400 followers. After 4 minutes that number doubled, and since I have been composing this post, another 83,796 have signed up.

Is this the fastest Twitter growth ever? And does it really matter, given that X Factor’s newest idol isn’t actually tweeting anything much? Mummy’s friends (and by this I mean the ‘normal’ ones, who don’t blog or tweet) are scathing about Twitter. ‘Who wants to know what you are having for tea, or that your dog just peed indoors?’ they whine. Surely unless you have a consumer product to sell, Twitter is just a waste of time? Isn’t it?


Mummy once met a lady who claimed that Twitter was her social life. Sad woman, she thought, get yourself a real one. Then she got Twitter. She realised that this lady, a single parent of young children, at the mercy of babysitters and cash-flow, got an incredible break each evening out of Twitter. Her Twitter friends have supported her when she needed a shoulder, advice, or just some time-out and laughs with like-minded adults.

For the Twitter-phobes amongst you, listen to this: even ‘normal’ people can have fun with Twitter. Actually Daddy, not a big tweeter, claims to enjoy his favourite TV programmes more if he simultaneously reads the # tweets on the show. Many is the evening M&D have sat together immersed in their iPhones, with some dubious TV on. And far from being isolated in their own little cyberbubbles, they actually chat more, citing the funniest tweets and meandering down various conversational alleys.

So what do you think? Waste of time, or integral part of a good evening in? Useless drivel, or a wonderful chance to connect? Your challenge for this week: try watching Strictly with #scd or X Factor with #xfactor and see if you don’t enjoy it more. You may be surprised.

So anyway, back to that digital marketing experiment: I wonder how many hits I will get on a blog post claiming that Gary Barlow followed me on Twitter πŸ˜‰

As of last night I now have me my very first celebrity follower and he is now my favourite for the Strictly Come Dancing trophy! Thank you Russell Grant, and welcome to Actually Mummy! Vote Russell and Flavia!


* This statement is completely untrue. Gary Barlow did not follow me on Twitter, but I wish he would!

41 thoughts on “Gary Barlow Followed Me On Twitter!”

  1. Twitter is my social life right now, with a small boy, living in a country where i have a languague issue… I need the realse to have a laugh and to chat … so, anyone who scorns Twitter should be a little more open minde.. as for Barlow, he ain’t all that … is he ?

  2. i am still not sure with twitter I just don’t seem to ‘get it’ as for Xfactor i caught a itv2 repeat of xtrafactor the other day and sat there going omg what has happened? think I am seriously stuck in the past things seem so errrmmm crazy!

  3. Oh Actually Mummy I love you, I’d love to join your Wot So Funee? meme – can I use Tulisa (or however it’s spelt) as my inspiration for daft things said please?


    Gazzy B

  4. PMSL Great title for SEO purposes πŸ˜€

    I have lovely conversations with Russell already. He even got a mention in my “Twitterholic” post a while back:

    Have a read of that an marvel at my celebrity interaction πŸ˜‰

    I’m very jealous of @dotterel who got a retweet from Stephen Fry the other day!

    • Thanks Nickie! If you’re pmsl at my post then it must be good – I’m impressed with myself! @dotterel’s got Stephen Fry? Right then, I’m on a mission. Will go check out your celeb tweets now πŸ™‚

  5. Naughty naughty girl. Trading standards will be after you!. I’m sure you will get lots of hits – tho in my case it’smore to say hi and good to see you on Saturday at Rio. Really enjoyed looking round the zoo too – have you seen how much it costs to get in!!!! x

  6. I certainly don’t go crazy on Twitter, but it is fun to check out what people are gossiping about – like with the Real Housewives. I like to partake in Friday night’s wine parties sometimes. That can be a blast!

    • I just wish Twitter would be switched of for a few hours a day so I could get some real work done! I can’t see my table for ironing!

  7. Genius! I LOVE this. I too have a celebrity follower…


    woot woot – he only follows about 100 peeps so I truly am special #justsayin


  8. It is amazing when celebrities tweet you (I have loads in my favourites), or favourites your tweet (for me Vanilla Ice did!! As well as celebrities for me (work on my local radio). But following is something else. After Justin Bieber started following my follow list went crazy. And to be honour with DMs off a celebrity – just wow (Nile Rodgers is my biggest).

    Love love love twitter.

  9. What a great post! I think half the problem with Twitter is that unless you do it, you don’t get it. When I first tried it out I hated it but now I can’t imagine my life without it. I have made some lovely friends who have been a massive support to me when I have needed it most.

    Love you blog btw!

  10. I have such a love/ hate relationship with twitter. Sometimes its amazing, sometimes it really does my head in. I think the people you follow is so much more important than how many people follow you back. I love the way you can ask a question and get a variety of views and I hate the way you can tweet and nobody responds. It can be so lovely but so lonely sometimes. Great post though!

    • Thank you – I am constantly amazed by what comes back at me from Twitter – especially now I am running a competition – you should see how many people have entered without actually reading the post!

  11. I didn’t really ‘get’ Twitter at first – but I love it now. I’m not completely addicted to it. I don’t think so, anyway. However, my husband complained to someone last week that all I do all evening is check my phone/tweet. I told him he’s very lucky – otherwise I’d be irritating him and trying to make inane conversation during football matches. He agreed πŸ™‚

  12. …. Still havent worked out this whole Twitter malarky yet BUT i love the fact Russell Grant is following you – ha ha ha ha ……


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