Wot so Funee? is on a blog-hop!

Wot So Funee? To those members of the #funee crew who have loyally embarrassed their children shared the amusing moments of the parenting journey with me over the months: Thank You, and you’ll be wanting to click here. To anyone just rocking up for the first time wondering “What on earth????” click here for an explanation!

The lovely Monika, from Mum on the Brink, has kindly offered to host Wot so Funee? this week, which is very exciting, because she’s fairly new to the #funee game. This week she is solo parenting, and has promised me a post about fish fingers. Be gentle with her…

She’s come to my rescue in the nick of time, actually, because my children couldn’t have been less funny this week. Unless you count a sports day meltdown that won a commendation for the “person who most did things he didn’t want to do,” or a weekend water-fight that ended in a mop bucket full of water on Actually Daddy’s head. No. Not funny at all really.

So go and visit Monika, she’s bound to have more laughs per post than me today, and what’s more, she has the cutest social media icons I’ve ever seen. Seriously! I’ll leave you with a shopping list presented to me by my daughter. Heaven only knows what she is planning. Wish me luck:

"Science shopping list"

I’ll be back next week, assuming I survive the beeswax omelette…

12 thoughts on “Wot so Funee? is on a blog-hop!”

  1. Uh oh, hope sports day wasn’t toooo bad . That list looks like something out of George’s marvellous medicine!

  2. I am now dreading sports day! Hope all is well in your world. Very chuffed to be back this week 🙂

  3. I am intrigued by the shopping list. Is she wanting to join the cosmetics industry? Interested to know the results xx

  4. Epsom salts and citric acid… Hmmm!? I’m very curious now, let us know if she creates any interesting potions 🙂


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