Wot So Funee? 9 More Toilet Humour

Wot So Funee?I wrote yesterday about how much I appreciate my brother. He enhances my life in so many ways; here is an example of one, overheard whilst we were in the bathroom together:

  • Me: Thank you Bug for chatting to me while I’m on the loo.
  • Bug: S’alright GG.
  • ‘Cos it’s really boring doing a poo and it’s nice to have someone to chat to.
  • You’re welcome sister. Oops look, my willy’s poking up out of my pants!
  • Blaaaahahaha! That’s not good is it?
  • No, it’s not! ‘Cos I need a wee!
  • Oooh that really wouldn’t be good, because then you would end up with wee in your eyes!

So that’s it: lesson for today – if you need a wee, make sure your willy is pointing down first.


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Wot So Funee?
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17 thoughts on “Wot So Funee? 9 More Toilet Humour”

  1. I know only too well about what little boys can do with their willies (when they are weeing I hasten to add!!). Toilet humour is always the best!!

    • What is it that makes the male of the species incapable of looking at what they’re doing? The ceiling gets more views than the toilet when it is in action!

  2. Sometimes my boy doesn’t even hold his willy, let alone aim. It’s interesting…and disgusting!!!! They start young, don’t they???

  3. Haha love this. My little man is not even 11 weeks old but I swear his aim is perfect – directly at me that is! I’ve been wee’d on three times in 24hrs, he gives me a big gummy grin each time too!

  4. Love this. My little man is not even 11weeks old and I swear his aim is perfect – directly at me that is! I’ve been wee’d on 3 times in 24hrs, and he gives me a big gummy grin each time too!

  5. Brilliant! ‘Check you’re pointing down’ was the potty training mantra in our house. E would always get there and sit down in time but then still manage to pee over the front of it. Gah!


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