NaBloPoMo: Why I Will not be Doing it Again

Dear Mummy, stop being such a perfectionist! You have blogged every day for 25 days. You do not have to do another 5. Enough is enough! If you are bored your readers are probably bored too. Your writing has suffered, your photo files are a mess, we have been surviving on pizza. Stop it! Love from GG. PS – we would like you to play with us….

"Glasses"Dear GG, I can’t stop, I will feel like a failure. And to give up 5 days before the end – can’t do it. Even though I know that I am not posting my best writing. Even though I am annoying everyone on twitter with my constant self-promotion. Even though there is a yawn instead of a ping whenever my posts hit the inbox. I wish I could just walk away, but I can’t… Love, the Mummy that will shortly be needing a new glasses prescription.

"books"Dear Books, Mummy still loves you, is well-aware of the due date at the library, and promises to get back to you soon, if she can quell the rising panic about her ‘to-post’ list. Love, the one who could never undertstand choosing to blog over reading.

Dear Self, Go to bed tonight. Without the computer. Leave the iPhone downstairs. Get some sleep. And read a book. NaBloPoMo has not made you a better writer. Come back in a week and write something really good instead. Love, the inner writer who is far too zombied to continue.

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  1. I was hoping it would be a positive thing, like it would get your blogging mojo happening, but it sounds like it was a hard slog. I am at a loss as to what to write three times a week and most of the time I just jump on the meme bandwagon. I don’t think I have it in me to do a NaBloPoMo. Well done you for sticking with it!

    • Hi Shelly – thanks for commenting. As regards mojo it has definitely dragged me into a habit of working which means when it is over I will be better placed to start pitching to businesses. I feel a lot slicker now. But I love to write this blog so that I can really write my best. I always feel a bit let down by myself when a post isn’t the best it could be, so I have been feeling that a lot this month. Not a happy feeling. BTW Flight of the Conchords is one of the best things to come out of your hemisphere ever!!

  2. Come On Actually Mummy! You’re nearly there! Just a few more days to go until November is out. Then you too can breathe…

    Yes, I’ve found it tough at times too, but I have found it really focuses the mind and has really jump-started Lunchbox World! I am really going to try and continue to post every day, as I have discovered I actually like writing, I love finding the quirky stuff, I am snapping every day, looking for that caption for everything, asking lots of questions, trying lots of stuff. Yes, I get it, some posts get more attention than others, but hopefully the readers like what I’m doing? (Please leave feedback… *flutters*).

    I will be starting a new blog as a result of this as some posts really sit outside of the world of Lunchbox World, but I also know that the readers need variety too. Yes, some of my posts have not been my best, but it is all a journey and I actually love it! I think this post is hilarious too btw!

    So hang on in there, and enjoy the ride xx @lunchboxworld x
    ps I am already planning December… *giggles nervously*

    • Good for you! I have seen you being a lot more visible and I really like the other posts you write – why would you separate them? I think they draw more people to your site, which as a business means you might attract some readers who don’t know your site but who might like your stuff.

  3. I feel your pain – I have stopped it today. Eeeeeenough is enough. If I want to become a better writer then I’ll take a course on it!

    In fairness I post 5 or 6 times a week usually anyway so inspiration wise there’s not been an issue – it’s time wise that has been the problem. this week I have felt poorly and like death and having the ‘must get that post out’ mantra has been making me more tired and lousy than having a day off to chill the frick out!

    And goodness knows what it’s done to my already dwindling Tots100 scores!

  4. This is the EXACT reason I chose not to take part in #nablopomo – too much pressure to write every single day. Blogging should be both planned AND instantaneous but should also be enjoyable (even if it’s your job and you’re getting paid for it). I couldn’t handle the self-imposed pressure to blog every day just to complete a challenge. It doesn’t make sense (to me).

    Sorry – rant over 😀

  5. Funnily enough I’ve considered a break for a couple of days.

    Not because of NaBloPoMo but rather outside influences that have kind of stemmed my flow of thought.

    I made a decision today to carry on even if carrying on means just posting a photo I’ve taken or maybe rewinding an old post that I think people may like.


    For two reasons really.

    One, because this is a personal challenge and something I entered into with a lot of enthusiasm.

    Two, because I feel that to stop now, for me, would feel like letting people down.

    I don’t kid myself that everyone reads what I write or, even if they do, that they have any interest in it but I’ve felt a sense of community here in the last month. Found some great blogs AND made some new friends.

    I’m not saying it’s not ok to make the decision to stop. Everyone needs to do what is right for them and their circumstances but for me, remembering why I was doing it in the first place has made me more determined than ever to see it out to the end.

    Also, reading Gemmas post which you can find on Fionas post today really showed me how determination (along with a caramel waffle) can really help you overcome adversity.

    I hope this doesn’t sound too preachy (feel free to tell me if it does) I’m tired, my heads all over the place and I’m trying to say how I feel without the intention of offending anyone.

    • That is a good point – it has connected me with some other bloggers I didn’t know, and I have found more good stuff to read. When I will ever get time to read it though, I don’t know! Now, back to that library book…..

  6. Describes exactly how me (and my kids) feel but I am still glad I have done it as I think I have discovered a few things about me and my blog from it and I will I will finish it – I am the sort that just cannot give up on a challenge. I think as a new blog it has been useful in getting people more aware of my blog and I have been surprised that I have not run out of things to blog about – although I have used bloghops, memes etc but I don’t think there’s anything wrong in that – we would take ideas from other people, newspapers etc anyway. I have also loved the photo aspect and I will definitely keep that up. I have also discovered lots of lovely new blogs which I hope to read more of when it’s over!

  7. Great post! I haven’t done the blog a day thing but have supported it because I did think it was a good idea; but to be honest, it has proved to be one of those things that is just trying to keep up with NaNoWriMo and really there’s no need. We can blog everyday if we want to, and most of us don’t read the same blogs everyday anyway. I can imagine it’s been hard work and I admire you for having a go, but me? I won’t be taking part next year either!

    CJ xx

    • It has made me a lot more focused and I have learned more things along the way so I am much more ready to get out there and start earning money, so that is a good thing. And I have met new people and cemented some bonds. Being less than a year old my blog is yet to really establish itself, so it has been good from that point of view. But I do feel as though I haven’t done my best writing.

  8. I have not heard of NaBloPoMo. (i’m glad!) My daughter is doing NaNoWriMo, and that is keeping her busy. November is a busy month without all the added pressure of writing! I wait until April and the pressure of going through the alphabet! Good luck to you! New follower.

  9. I hit my ‘why am I doing this’ wall yesterday too – I felt I had ‘cheated’ by posting a recipe and really, really didn’t want to do one for today. I also read a post that I (for the first time ignoring Tickgate) really, really angered me – which made me question the whole blogging/community/reading other blogs for enjoyment question. So I wrote my post about going to GOSH (which has helpfully linked up here – thanks Mummy) which got a bit of emotion out and crossed day 25 off the list.

    I will get to the end, and with a sneaky bit of engineering, I can probably plan my posts now. It’s only 5 more days and the Cheetahs have been very busy over the last couple of days. Will I do it again – no. Am I grateful I’ve done it? Well, I’ve learnt a lot about blogging, more about the techie bits (long way to go there) and I’ve found some lovely people on twitter to talk to – that’s all good – but hopefully the foundations of my blogging are in place now and I can continue to learn at my own pace, rather than flogging myself to exhaustion.

  10. I was trying to do Nanowrimo but I am failing miserably. Did it last year but just too much happened this year. Hats off to you for trying and you have done amazingly well, it’s not easy x

  11. Lovely post, and I admire your stamina. Mummy was trying her first NaNoWriMo and is blatantly failing (she’s soooo far behind, it’ll never happen) but there’s so much going on at the moment. I think you’re now so close to the end of the month and achieving your goal, stick at it! Think of the sense of achievement when you’ve done it!

  12. I think this week has been especially tough. I think I will only really know about the outcomes when I get to the end and have time to reflect, but I think there have been quite a few, good and bad but both have taught me stuff. Let me know how you get on with The Slap, I put it down after the first chapter, just before nablopomo. Can’t decide if it’s living up to the hype?

    • It was loaned to me by a friend who said the same thing and she is a big reader – just didn’t like the theme and the characters and their style. I’m looking forward to giving it a go, but got to get through Jodi Picoult and the 1000 Autums of Jacob de Zoet (yuk) for my book club first! Thanks for visiting

  13. I feel your pain! It really has been a bit of a slog and it’s only pride and bloodymindedness that has kept me in it this far. Never again, though! Well done for getting this far though. I think we all deserve a drink.

  14. I feel a lot slicker now. Well I know you now so that#s got to be a good thing! I won’t be taking part next year either!

  15. I also read a post that I (for the first time ignoring Tickgate) really, really angered me – which made me question the whole blogging/community/reading other blogs for enjoyment question. I don’t think I have it in me to do a NaBloPoMo. I haven’t done the blog a day thing but have supported it because I did think it was a good idea; but to be honest, it has proved to be one of those things that is just trying to keep up with NaNoWriMo and really there’s no need. It’s only 5 more days and the Cheetahs have been very busy over the last couple of days.

  16. heh heh , does it have to be blog every day on the same blog – or can I blog hop? 😉

    For me, being a sloth, knowing i HAD to do anything would automatically put me right off and invite failure. therefore I vote gin!


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