Funny things kids do at Christmas

Wot So Funee?

Ever wondered what we kids think about Christmas? Of course we want Santa to come, but maybe we want family, lovely food, songs about the baby Jesus? Nope, as far as kids are concerned, this is what Christmas is all about:

"Stuff that happens at Christmas"
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And I mean ‘everything’ important. There is nothing else. Shallow, aren’t we?

Although, before I knew too much about presents, I did learn the Christmas story, all about the baby Jesus, the shepherds, and the kings. I proudly told Mummy and Daddy the facts, and answered their questions. Mummy asked what gifts the kings brought and I firmly announced:

Gold, myrrh, and neklsis!

Did you know that the first Christmas was also the scene of the first ever dancing sheep? It’s true, it must be, because I saw them in the Bug’s Nativity performance.
In all seriousness though, there is a lot of love coming out of kids at Christmas time. Generally directed towards Santa, although M&D get a share of it too – I know they have to report to Santa on my behaviour so it pays to butter them up a bit.

"Love from Daddy"
A written contract of love


Card to Mummy


I can do sucking up!

And of course there is the obligatory letter to the man himself, although as the Bug can’t write a lot yet, Santa will have to use his initiative!

"Letters to Santa"
Our letters to Santa go up the chimney


"Instructions for Santa"
With instructions…

Merry Christmas everyone!






4 thoughts on “Funny things kids do at Christmas”

  1. Loving the idea of dancing sheep! and I’m sure M and D are loving the extra love coming their way. Have a brilliant Christmas, and I look forward to seeing your Mummy again next year!

  2. GG, you continue to wow me with everything you know about dealing with grown-ups! I have so much to learn. Thanks for linking up x


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