A Picture of Me

Many of you know that I write this blog autonomously and that you never see my face on here. I wrote yesterday of how well I am doing at school and this has resulted in calls for me to display my picture. I really prefer not to, but just for today you get to see a real life picture of me…

"The Cubist Style"
A Picture of Me!

…in the cubist style 😉

Actually Mummy a Blog for Christmas BadgeNow, on the 9th day of Christmas I visited the very beautiful blog that is Cherry Menlove. This is quite possibly the most gorgeous blog to look at that I have ever seen. I am reassured by her twitter followers that she is a nice mix of grounded and beautiful, so I am looking forward to exploring this lovely blog! Check it out for lots of Craft, Cooking and Garden ideas as well as reading about her lovely family. I guarantee you’ll want to stay a while.

I’m linking this up with Chatty Baby, who does a fab linky about children’s artwork called You Get the Picture? She’s one clever baby so go check out her art!

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