Saturday is Mammasaurus Caption Day!

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Or #Madcap, as it shall henceforth be known. Caption Saturday is having a theme this week. We got enough pictures of Mammasaurus that we could share them around a little, and together with Here Come the Girls we have secretively created a lovely online gallery of the lovely lady, on her very own blog! Aren’t we clever! Now it’s your turn, to find a caption for this:

Saturday Is Caption Day

Actually Mummy a Blog for Christmas BadgeOn the 17th Day of Christmas Kat Tate invited Mummy to share a glass of champagne and reflect on 2011. Always a fan of the popping wine, Mummy readily joined in, and is looking forward to more interactions – psssst, she’s not a Mummy blogger!!!! #Branching out 😉

30 thoughts on “Saturday is Mammasaurus Caption Day!”

  1. ‘I will just keep on asking questions about the Tots 100 scoring until she is too distracted to notice me stealing her drink……’

    *ahem composes oneself*

    “It’s simple Mammasausus, just close your eyes and they don’t even taste like prunes”

    (ps. I really liked the pudding!)


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