Saturday is Mammasaurus Caption Day!

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Or #Madcap, as it shall henceforth be known. Caption Saturday is having a theme this week. We got enough pictures of Mammasaurus that we could share them around a little, and together with Here Come the Girls we have secretively created a lovely online gallery of the lovely lady, on her very own blog! Aren’t we clever! Now it’s your turn, to find a caption for this:

Saturday Is Caption Day

Actually Mummy a Blog for Christmas BadgeOn the 17th Day of Christmas Kat Tate invited Mummy to share a glass of champagne and reflect on 2011. Always a fan of the popping wine, Mummy readily joined in, and is looking forward to more interactions – psssst, she’s not a Mummy blogger!!!! #Branching out 😉

30 thoughts on “Saturday is Mammasaurus Caption Day!”

  1. Im a glass is half full type of girl – We know Mammasauras you never seem to leave the bar long enough to drink a full one!! lol

  2. ‘I will just keep on asking questions about the Tots 100 scoring until she is too distracted to notice me stealing her drink……’

    *ahem composes oneself*

    “It’s simple Mammasausus, just close your eyes and they don’t even taste like prunes”

    (ps. I really liked the pudding!)


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