Coping when parents get divorced in your teens

How do you cope when your Mum and Dad’s relationship is in trouble? 

Is your relationship affecting your teenager?

On this week’s episode of the podcast I had a fascinating chat with Olivia (not her real name) about how she felt as a child and teenager witnessing the difficulties in her parents’ marriage after her father was unfaithful to her mother over the course of several years.

Olivia’s parents are still together, but throughout her teenage years she was affected by the impact her father’s affairs had on her own life, and on her mother’s emotional health. From financial losses and the need to change schools, to difficulties in seeing her extended family, the practical problems of a messy marriage weren’t the only challenges Olivia faced.

How parents’ relationship breakdowns affect their children

Olivia says that any parents navigating the potential breakdown of their marriage need to bear in mind that having to monitor and worry about the state of your parents’ relationship is really tough on a child, especially when they’re just discovering who they are themselves, with all the stresses that brings.

How parents can help their child navigate a divorce or separation

Her biggest piece of advice? Understand that your kids are teenagers. They have their own problems, and will find the addition of yours overwhelming at times. As such, Olivia says that whilst it’s important to be honest with teens, you also need to make sure you don’t burden them with more information than they can handle at that moment. There will come a time for whole truths, but perhaps that time isn’t always in the moment.

“Understand that they are teenagers, and they’ve only just left behind their childhood.”

Have a listen to the episode for more reassurance and guidance from Olivia on how to support your child as you go through a separation or relationship crisis.

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Further Support

  • Charity Relate has a good page on how to talk to children about divorce and separation
  • Voices in the Middle is an organisation created for young people by young people, and can offer tips to parents about how to start the conversation on relationship difficulties.


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