Teenage Kicks: Coping After Rape

*Trigger warning: Jenny (not her real name) tells me about her experience of being raped in her teens.


“How I Coped After Rape in my Teens”


This episode of the Teenage Kicks podcast is an incredibly personal interview. Jenny talks about what happened, how she felt about herself after the incident, and how it felt to go through legal proceedings following a rape or a sexual assault.

She also tells me about how – with the support of her friends – she recovered from her experience, and believes it has helped make her who she is today – a strong woman who owns her own business, a good parent, and a better friend than she might otherwise have been.

I hope you find inspiration from Jenny’s story, and especially from her recovery after rape.

If you’ve been raped, or if your child is dealing with the trauma of a sexual assault, the NHS has lots of signposts to organisations that specialise in supporting you. Rape Crisis has a live chat helpline, and Victim Support helps you find ways to move beyond what has happened.


I found these words from Jenny incredibly moving, and I hope that her outlook on life inspires someone to gather the strength needed to recover from a sexual assault:

“I accept it as part of my story. You can get to that place, and I think we learn a lot more from the darkest parts of our stories than we do the happy times.”


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