How to cope with teenage acne

Sarah talks about severe acne in teenagers, what helps, and how parents can support their teens with acne.

Is acne getting your teenager down? Sarah Wood – severe acne sufferer – joins me on this episode of the podcast to talk about her experience, and how she’s helped her own teenagers with severe acne.

Don’t write off “woo-woo” approaches to teen anxiety

EFT tapping for teen anxiety

EFT tapping for anxiety in teens. This article and podcast explains what tapping is, how it works and the benefits of tapping. Read a step by step guide to EFT tapping for beginners, and listen to a live session to see how tapping reduces anxiety instantly.

Should you worry when your teen starts dating?

When your teen starts dating it can be a difficult time as a parent as we second guess ourselves in relation to how involved we should get. Here are some of the red flags we should look for when we suspect our teenager is in a problematic relationship.

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