Sunday Funny! Yorkshire Pudding and other Bugisms

"yorkshire pudding"Today with #SunFun I am going back to my Wot So Funee? roots. Mummy jots down our funny incidents for posts such as these, and has been trawling her note book for inspiration. She has decided to have a good old clearout, so here are some gems from our daily life for you to giggle at:

  • As you know, the Bug is doing very well with his learning to read, but at the very beginning he was a bit of a chancer. He and Mummy were looking at a First Words book, and to get him started she sounded out the word under the Dog picture – d-o-g dog! Bug got the hang of this and copied her. Pleased with himself he continued: d-o-g dog! d-o- tractor! d-o- combine-harvester!….. Thank goodness his teacher ‘learned him to read’!
  • Whenever we are bored or on a long journey, we always ask for ‘the element of joy.’ This would freak out most parents, and indeed ours wondered what we were on about the first time we said it. The element of joy is, of course, the iPad/iPhone or any other hand-held form of entertainment that takes your fancy 😉

Wot So Funee?

Yorkshire Pudding?

The Bug once had everyone stumped over Sunday roast when he requested ‘milk for pudding.’ We had only just got started on our roast pork, and anyway he doesn’t even like milk! It took Mummy the entire meal and the Bug all his cross behaviour to figure out that he wanted Yorkshire Pudding with his dinner!

More Bugisms:

I’m dead. I’m definitely dead. (He means cross)
I burped my bottom Mummy!
You shouldn’t not let someone not have something that they really want. Translation: Give me that!
I am feeling snackable. (Can I have chocolate?)
Daddy has gone to Yumsterdam on business.
Mummy said a square-word. (She actually said a really bad one tonight in London when she fell over a bollard whilst gazing upwards at the London Eye. He shouted it it all the way along the South Bank, despite our prostrations).

I could go on, but I’ve got to save one for next week!

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Sunday Funny!

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Funny! Yorkshire Pudding and other Bugisms”

  1. They are lovely aren’t they – the way they come out with such fab stuff! My two are equally gorgeous, usually coming out with stuff that’s a tad rude within earshot of the most embarrassing people…

  2. I LOVE snackable, I shall pinch it! They come up with perfect words don’t they?! Thank you so much for linking up to The Things They Say and Do, I hope you’ll be back as I guffawed aloud here! x


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