Valentine’s with kids

Convert this:

Manky old chopped up crayons

To this:

Like this:

15 minutes in the oven at 230 deg C

Melt a bar of white chocolate and colour some of it pink:

Half fill a silicone mould with white, and top up with pink. Chill.

You will get these:

Which you should place in boxes made by your children, using a downloadable template:

As for dinner for Valentine’s with kids:

Heart-shaped omelette, pepper, and I Love You toast

Provide pink champagne:

Ribena and soda

And a great dessert:

“In the fridge” trifle

Then send your other half to put the kids to bed while you make this:

Mari’s chocolate raspberry tart

Cook anything, it really doesn’t matter. Sigh with satisfaction when you uncork this:

Job done: kids and adults happy on Valentine’s!

How do you celebrate Valentine’s with kids?



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