How to do Valentine’s with kids

Valentine’s with kids

Convert this:

"Chopped Crayons"
Manky old chopped up crayons

To this:

Home-made Crayons - things to do for Valentine's with kidsLike this:

"Making Crayons"
15 minutes in the oven at 230 deg C

Melt a bar of white chocolate and colour some of it pink:

"Pink Chocolate"Half fill a silicone mould with white, and top up with pink. Chill.

You will get these:

Make chocolate Valentine's with kidsWhich you should place in boxes made by your children, using a downloadable template:

"Home Made gift box"As for dinner for Valentine’s with kids:

"Valentine's Tea"
Heart-shaped omelette, pepper, and I Love You toast

Provide pink champagne:

"Ribena Champagne"
Ribena and soda

And a great dessert:

"Love Trifle"
“In the fridge” trifle

Then send your other half to put the kids to bed while you make this:

"Chocolate raspberry tart"
Mari’s chocolate raspberry tart

Cook anything, it really doesn’t matter. Sigh with satisfaction when you uncork this:

"Pinot Rose Spumante"Job done: kids and adults happy on Valentine’s!

How do you celebrate Valentine’s with kids?



15 thoughts on “How to do Valentine’s with kids”

  1. What a great post, just wish it had been posted earlier so my mummy could have stolen your ideas! We all made each other cards which was pretty cool. Then we got taken to the cinema, stuffed with popcorn and sweets, then forced to eat burger king – clearly the fries aren’t as nice as Mc Donalds, then shoved into bed so mummy and daddy could have an evening together, I thought that’s what the did every night when they put us to bed? Next year the kids are taking charge me thinks! Anyway glad you and Bugsy had a great day. Did you get any cards?

    Little Rhino x

    • GG I’ve been having a little think about this, Are you sure Mummy didn’t do all this to butter you up so you wouldn’t tell the social services about all the awful things that have been on the caption blog Thingy ?? X

  2. Hello – it’s taken me a few days to find you to return your comment as the linkback jobby from your comment leads to an old blogspot wotsit that quite frankly doesn’t work. Still – you have to laugh.
    Frankly that all looked a bit pink for my liking – though the bottle getting opened at the end would help. I really don’t do Valentine’s though – load of old rubbish… 🙂

  3. Oooooh, I love both the crayon and the choccie hearts! Can we have some???

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  4. I love all these ideas, especially the crayons and the valentines tea!

    Where did you get the mould from?

    I must remember to keep things like old crayons.

    Thank you so much for Linking up to Family Frolics!


    • The mould came from M&S but they had similar in Sainsbury’s. I bet if you scout around now there will still be a few, discounted! It really has given some old crayons a new lease of life 🙂

  5. Those are some lovely ideas! I’m glad that the crayons worked, I’ve seen a few tutorials for those and wasn’t sure if they actually would so I will be giving those a try!


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