Mummy is very cheerful, or so she says. I fail to see it somehow. What is it about grown-ups that makes them cry when they are happy. Grown-ups are just not normal. Take me: happy = smile; sad =cry, or at the very least grumble. Grown-ups just have a very upside-down view of the world, don’t you think? But she says she is happy. Happy and thankful, so I guess somewhere in that weird old-lady mind of hers she must be.

"Early Reading"The Bug (who started school in September and is now 4 and a half) brought home reading books today. I said they didn’t look very interesting and flounced off, because honestly, they didn’t.

Mummy carried on wittering (it is wittering, right?) on the laptop and paid no attention. Then somewhere in her consciousness she registered this:

  • I – c-a-n can – s-i-t – sit – o-n – on – a – r-o-c-k – rock. I can sit on a rock!
  • I – c-a-n – can – g-e-t – get – u-p – up – o-n – on – t-o-p. I can get up on top!

Mummy turned her whizzle chair to see. And there sat the Bug, lost in concentration, reading….

So why did she cry?

For more reasons to be cheerful and things to be thankful for click on the badges below. And for heaven’s sake grown-ups, cheer up already!!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart