Adventure Playground nets at Aldenham Country Park

It’s a terrible photo – its blurry, the light wasn’t great under all the trees, and if you look closely, I’m squinting. But I was pleased with myself, because I’d just climbed right to the top of a series of climbing nets, and we’d missed the rain. So the smile was genuine.

Discovering Aldenham Country Park in Elstree

After our centrally heated over-indulgence at Christmas we were keen to get out and see friends, so on the final inset day before the return to school, we arranged to meet at the bowling lanes. So did everyone else. We tried soft play – they were all there too. Looking at the clouds we spotted a glint of sun, and decided to risk it. We had the park to ourselves.

Aldenham Country ParkΒ is a 100 acre parkland around a huge lake. Just off the M1 near Watford, you’d never know it was there if you didn’t know it was there. We’ve visited before (on recommendation), to wander through the 100 Aker Wood, mingle with the farm animals, and get physical on the adventure playground, but it’s not a regular haunt.

It was cold, so we were grumbly. But it turned out to be exactly what we needed. The puddles just added to the thrill of the drop from the apparatus, and pretty soon lethargy upped and scarpered as we remembered how to play.

Adventure at Aldenham Country Park

Adventure at Aldenham Country Park

Animal Farm at Aldenham Country Park

What we’d never seen before was the Woodland Adventure. Tucked away near the exit is a proper Faraway land of dens, climbing nets and rope swings. We didn’t need asking twice, and it wasn’t long before we proved our mothers wrong and made it to the top of the nets.

Adventure playground at Aldenham Country Park

It blew away the cobwebs, and reminded us that heading out for adventure – even when it’s cold – is sometimes much more therapeutic than heading for the sofa with a hot chocolate. And besides, what better excuse for a hot cheesy fish pie at the Battle Axes pub nearby? With hot chocolate, of course πŸ˜‰

2014-01-06 Country Kids 001

We’ve also had a go this week at improving our photography using the tips on Love All Blogs’Β Better Photo Project. This week they’re asking us to play with Picmonkey, and I’ve used the Boost, Yestercolour, and Film Grain effects to turn what was a fairly dark and colourless image into something slightly better. Bear with me, I’m learning…

2014-01-06 Country Kids 001

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