Hi. This is actually GG not my bossy mum. Before we start I would just like to let you know about a new feature on the blog. It’s called…… Ask GG! You just leave your question in your comment and I’ll get back to you! Simple as that. Now on with the resolutions!

I should have no new years resolutions but my mum says I have to. I’m going to post some and you lot can see if I keep them. OK? Lets go!

My New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Try and eat less sugary foods. Lots of people try to do this. They never succeed. I’m trying to do this because I think my teeth are yellow. I made the dentist check.
  2. Bug my mum less. I always bug her. For things like Chicken Kiev and marshmallows.
  3. Not annoy my brother. Who doesn’t do it?! I’ve been picked up on this lately. I am trying. I’ts really hard.
  4. Do more music practice. I love music, I really do. I’ts just I don’t have time because I have a lot of lazing around in my PJ’s to do.
  5. READ LESS! This one is really important. And really hard. I get told off in school for reading. I’m thinking “Why am I getting told off for reading! Reading is literature!” I’ts not like I have anything else to do. Except maybe Maths.


So do you have any new years resolutions? And remember if you have any questions, kids and parents, Ask GG! Leave me a comment below with your question, and I’ll get back to you!

Disclosure: this is all, entirely, my daughter’s work. We’d be delighted if you would post her a question – remember, she is a 9 year old girl with a lot of opinions. We’ll answer children’s questions, or parent’s dilemma’s. We can’t promise to solve your problems, but we will try. We take no responsibility for the outcome of putting into practice any of GG’s suggestions!

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