GG’s New Year’s Resolutions

Hi. This is actually GG not my bossy mum. Before we start I would just like to let you know about a new feature on the blog. It’s called…… Ask GG! You just leave your question in your comment and I’ll get back to you! Simple as that. Now on with the resolutions!

I should have no new years resolutions but my mum says I have to. I’m going to post some and you lot can see if I keep them. OK? Lets go!

My New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Try and eat less sugary foods. Lots of people try to do this. They never succeed. I’m trying to do this because I think my teeth are yellow. I made the dentist check.
  2. Bug my mum less. I always bug her. For things like Chicken Kiev and marshmallows.
  3. Not annoy my brother. Who doesn’t do it?! I’ve been picked up on this lately. I am trying. I’ts really hard.
  4. Do more music practice. I love music, I really do. I’ts just I don’t have time because I have a lot of lazing around in my PJ’s to do.
  5. READ LESS! This one is really important. And really hard. I get told off in school for reading. I’m thinking “Why am I getting told off for reading! Reading is literature!” I’ts not like I have anything else to do. Except maybe Maths.


So do you have any new years resolutions? And remember if you have any questions, kids and parents, Ask GG! Leave me a comment below with your question, and I’ll get back to you!

Disclosure: this is all, entirely, my daughter’s work. We’d be delighted if you would post her a question – remember, she is a 9 year old girl with a lot of opinions. We’ll answer children’s questions, or parent’s dilemma’s. We can’t promise to solve your problems, but we will try. We take no responsibility for the outcome of putting into practice any of GG’s suggestions!

61 thoughts on “GG’s New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Ah GG, schools are funny things. Sometimes they’re so wrapped up in delivering the planned schedule and keeping everyone on the same path that they are blinded to how incredibly important it is to nurture a child’s love of learning and ESPECIALLY independent learning. You are brilliant. You are an individual. Just hide your reading book inside your math’s book. Problem solved 😉

  2. I’m sorry you were told off for reading GG, but don’t resolve to read less, just read when the time is right as Maths is important too. I’d love to know what is you favourite lesson at school ever? Not the subject but a lesson – so maybe you did a drama lesson where you all got to dress up, or a maths lesson where instead of sitting in the classroom you got to go outside and count something really interesting. What is your ultimate lesson GG?

  3. Hi GG love your post. I was a huge reader when I was your age and was told to get my nose out of my book and listen. But reading is amazing never stop.

    What’s your favorite thing about having a brother?

    Giving up sugar – no way that’s the best part about being a kid just look at that lovely cake you have posted to tease us all with.

    Your posts are great. Keep them coming!

  4. Great resolutions GG though I wish you luck with eating less sugar, I couldn’t do it! What do you think you will find the hardest to stick too?

  5. Dear G.G. I am sending a message that refers to your new year resolutions. I would advise that you read and read, just do not neglect anything that is important.

  6. Ah, GG – I used to sit in music rehearsals and hide my magazine behind my music for reading when I wasn’t playing! Lots of the brass players did it as it saved counting bars rest.

    I think less sugar is a great idea, but remember, treats are allowed sometimes, especially the odd cake.

    I’m going to add a musical question for you – what’s your favourite music to listen to and why do you like it so much?

  7. Hi GG,

    I have an “almost” 9 year old daughter and I want to know

    “what do 9 year old girls want for their birthday!!”

  8. fantastic idea GG to have a questions section. I’d love to know any ideas on reading less as my son who is 9 does exactly the same – reads for hours and hours when he should be sleeping.

    My other son would love to know your healthy eating tips. He is 7 and loves his food (especially unhealthy food)!

    They both have started their own kids blogs which I’m not allowed to touch or edit – it is all their own stuff – at and in case you want to have a look.

    We’d love to read more of your blogposts and look forward to you answering questions.

  9. Wow GG – these are some fantastic resolutions!! I don’t think you should need to read less, though learning a little maths may be useful.

    I think Mums are sometimes bossy because they love you and care about what you’re doing and how you’re growing up. Why do you think Mums are bossy?

    • I’ll definitely come back to that in another blog post. Anyway, for now I’ll tell you that mums make you do music practice when you don’t want to.

  10. Great Idea! Keep reading, it’s great and helps imagination, knowledge and broaden the mind 🙂 Music is great to so keep it up, and good for you doing this post x

  11. oh no! why eat less sugar GG? I think brushing harder will be best don’t you think?

    ah and don’t listen to not read so much. do read as much as you can x

  12. Hi GG,

    I love your resolutions and I say it’s great to love reading!

    ANyway, I have a question for you – my little girl is 11 and she is sooooo messy. Her bedroom is always a mess and I’m always having to tell her to tidy up so I wanted to ask you if your bedroom was tidy x

  13. Great resolutions, although I believe that if reading is your passion then you should read, read, read until your heart is content.

  14. Hi GG – I’m intrigued about the music. What do you play? When I was little I tried to learn piano, but I was rubbish because my hands refused to do two different things at the same time. They kept trying to copy each other!

  15. Told off for reading seems crazy!
    My question for you is as you read so much can you recommend me some of your favourite books, for my son to try as he improves his reading? thanks!

  16. Love the post, GG. My daughter (who’s seven and a half) wants to write a blog too. Any tips for her?
    And keep up the reading – just make sure you do it in the right place, and you won’t get told off, I’m sure. (And you won’t need to bug your mum about the marshmallows if you’re eating less sugar!)

  17. Oh no you can never read too much GG.
    and sugary things are actually ok when your young…maybe you and Mummy could come up with a healthier less sugary version of your favourite treats and make them together?

    If you could choose any sweet to eat what is your favourite?

  18. Good Morning GG, getting told off for reading that is a new one for me, keep reading, my Mum would sit at playtime reading but that’s not the best idea either because playtime is important, try and find 5 minutes that is acceptable.

    My question is about reading, My 9 yr old hates to read unless its football statistics or cars, how would you suggest I get him to read more?

  19. You are a classy kid, GG! Here’s my question:
    I guess you’ve been earning pennies for a while, eh? Are you a saver or spender and what will be your first big purchase?!

  20. What a fab idea! I’m sure I’ll be able to think of some questions for GG. Next time my kids do something to mystify me I’ll be right back! My kids have rather a lot of telly watching to do which prevents them from doing their music practice. Sigh.


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