Experimenting with light - probably too much light but I love his outline on the whorly log

Over Christmas we got into the lush habit of lounging on the sofa on gloomy afternoons, watching films. Christmas presents mostly consisted on box sets, and now that we are old enough to manage more than just Disney animations, the sofa is a tempting alternative to blustery winds and soggy walks. However, as part of our one word resolution, Mummy is determined to get us outdoors, if only for an hour before the lazing begins.

This was just an hour, to our local play park, and the sky threatened intermittently to rain us off. But despite our initial reluctance, we pretty soon shook off the cobwebs and actually began to enjoy ourselves – even my brother almost cracked a smile, and if you’ve lived with a 6 Β year old boy, you’ll know how difficult that is to capture on camera.

As a birthday gift, we gave Mummy a Samsung NX1100. She has no idea how it works, but here’s her first efforts at experimenting with light:

Experimenting with light – kids

Experimenting with light - in the playground

The light was blinding, but watery, if that makes sense, bright, but low in the sky on a winter afternoon.

Experimenting with light - blinded!

Took at least 20 shots to get half a smile!

Experimenting with light - Always grinning

Whereas I’m always happy to conjure a smile for the camera.

Experimenting with light - love the shadow on this one.

Love the shadow on this one.

Experimenting with light - selfie. Like Mother like daughter

I took my own camera – like mother like daughter – and experimented with selfies. The Bug worked on perfecting his avoidance technique.

Experimenting with light - even Daddy was enjoying himself at the playground

Daddy, always an extra child, took his turn on the zip wire.


Experimenting with light – reflections

Experimenting with light - cloud reflections

The park was full of puddles – actually, ponds and lakes would be more accurate.

Experimenting with light - reflections in puddles

All of these images had just a basic amount of editing in Picmonkey – as per the advice on Love All Blogs Better Photo Project last week.

Experimenting with light - I was focused on the reflection of the fence, hadn't noticed the ripple from The Bug

Focusing on the reflection, we didn’t notice The Bug’s ripple effect until we came to edit, but loved it. Just wish we could have kept the colour and light on the water, without the harshness on his face. Anyone know how we do that?

Experimenting with light – plants in focus

Experimenting with light - plants in focus

When The Bug climbed down from his tree stump, he pointed out these funghi – the shot looked terrible on the camera viewer, but once we uploaded, the detail was just lovely. We see some amazing garden shots on Mammasaurus’s gardening linky (click the badge below), but have no idea how to maximise these:

Experimenting with light - where do I focus on plants?

So, what do you think? How do I make the most of light, where do I put my focus on plants, and how do we get The Bug to smile more often?

Experimenting with light and cloud

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