How girl’s dresses change over the years…


When I was a toddler, I think I was quite cute. Always chuckling, tiny bunches sprouting off the top of my head, chubby thighs, and as cheeky as they come.

Of course, I was a typical toddler, always getting messy, falling down, or  waving around a spoon of something orange until it landed on Mummy, or me. And then there was snot, and other bodily fluids. Ahem…

So I needed practical clothes, comfy, easy to move around in, and capable of withstanding a bit of wear and tear at the playgroup, or of handling the hot wash required to remove carrot, and felt-tip pen.

But they had to be cute. Oh yes – cute was a major factor.

So I wore stuff like this:

"toddler dresses from Joules"

As I got older, I started to develop requirements of my own when it came to fashion. Cute was still essential, but the swirly-ness of the skirt became paramount in my search for the perfect frock. Ribbons and bows were an added advantage:

"girls dresses"

Now that I have reached the venerable age of 8, I consider myself something of an expert in the art of achieving the perfect look. I may have mentioned my desire to be a dress designer, but I am gradually modifying my career objectives to the more attainable goal of “personal stylist.” I know exactly what works with what, what doesn’t, and what no-one in their right mind would wear – Mummy will never again attempt to purchase clothing for me when I am not there! No, this is more my look these days:

"cool clothes for girls"

I’m bang on trend, don’t you think…?

* Disclosure: this is a sponsored post for Joules girls dresses. However I would definitely have chosen all of these for myself, because I love them!


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