Wot So Funee? Pandora’s Box

Wot So Funee?

The transition to Key Stage 2 and Junior School has been fun, but hard work. I have loved it, relishing the challenge of something new, enjoying learning so much about the ancient Greeks, earning house points for my appreciation of mythology, focusing on the weekly value – respect, ambition, enterprise, teamwork…

It has, however, been a very long half-term. At parent’s evening last week my teacher detailed to M&D what a pleasure I had been, how helpful, supportive, hard-working, and willing to have a go. But 8 weeks is a long stretch; it is something that Daddy dismissed as nonsense before having children, brushing off the contentions of Mummy’s close friend (a teacher), with some guff about bringing out the best in children and not tolerating nonsense!

My teacher apparently reported how for the first time, she had seen me bordering on meltdown last week, and was a little surprised. “Oh, don’t be,” reassured Mummy. “It’s cyclical.” I wasn’t the only 7 year old struggling, it seems; all of us were struggling with the new régime, and the unprecedented length of the school term. However, I was the only one really combining my mood with my learning.

Having been a bit teenagerish at home for a few days, Mummy finally caved me in and asked what on earth was going on:

"pandora's box"“I just feel so bad! I wish that Pandora’s box had never been opened!”

“Why honey?” asked Mummy, all ready to cuddle and support with fruit pastilles and hot chocolate.

“Because opening Pandora’s Box let out all the evil things, like death, being poorly, piano practice, and tomatoes…” 

Wot So Funee?

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5 thoughts on “Wot So Funee? Pandora’s Box”

  1. Oh dear yes, those evil things really SHOULDN’T have been let out of the box – especially piano practice…
    what a busy, tired girl – and hooray for half terms holidays!


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