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By Helen and GG…

Helen: We’re back, and this week’s Ask GG is on the issue that is closest to my daughter’s heart. Stuff. More precisely, stuff for her – stuff she has, stuff she wants, stuff she thinks she wants, and stuff that no self-respecting parent would ever let their child be without. In the opinion of a 9 year old. Which is, after all, the point of the post. 

GG: This post is based on what Donna from little Lilypad Co and PinkOddy (who needs ideas for a ten year old) said in their comments. Once again this is actually GG who is writing this post not my mum. Ask GG is still a function so keep the questions going! Only your question might not be answered straight away!

Helen: Right then, now you know where you stand..!

This week’s questions:

  1. I have an “almost” 9 year old daughter and I want to know “what do 9 year old girls want for their birthday!!” (Donna).
  2. What sort of things do you think I should buy for a girl turning 10 on her birthday? (Pinkoddy).

And this week’s answers:

What to get a nine year old for her birthday.

I know us nine and ten year old kids want a lot of technology like the new cameras that have 6579345 after it. Well I have made a list of what we want for our birthdays!

  1. A kindle. I love reading so I got this for my latest birthday.
  2. Build A Bears. I got a voucher for Christmas and used it to buy a bear called Crazy.Build a Bear - what to get a nine year old for her birthday
  3. I-pads. Every one has got i-pads. My friend from school has a little sister who is 5 and she has an i-pad. Personally I think this is a bit mad. (Helen: But this is probably because I won’t let you have one GG).
  4. Inkoo Blingoos. They are these really cool teddies where you draw on them and then it washes out!       Inkoo Blingoo - what to get a nine year old for her birthday
  5. Hotel Chocolate.  I got a massive rocky road slab for my birthday! (which I still haven’t eaten due to all the Christmas chocolate in the house)
  6. Lush bath bombs. I got one for Christmas and it was soooo cute because it was a penguin. ( I have a thing for penguins)

Anyway thanks for reading my blog post and I hope you now know what to get nine year old kids for their birthdays! (Although I’ve had a look at your website Donna, and I’m quite liking that elephant mirror – seriously cute)!


Helen: Thank you for the questions Donna and Pinkoddy, I learned something myself here. Hopefully the list will still be relevant when GG turns 10! (Although she’s still not getting an iPad)! Like the girl says, if you want to know anything about 9 year old girls, post your question in the comments box and we’ll get back to you in due course.

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