Rivers, weirs and floods: project 365 #06

Light on a flooded weir

We went to a concert this week. An orchestral performance just for children – just half an hour of short, recognisable, or fun pieces, designed to introduce children to classical music. Both GG and The Bug take violin lessons at school, and they both chose to attend the concert.

It took us to Hertford, a place we rarely visit, and into sunshine, a thing we haven’t seen much of recently, so we wandered afterwards, savouring the fresh air. I stopped by the river, to explain what the rain has done, why the water was running so fast. I’m constantly looking for opportunities to play with light at the moment, so spotting the late afternoon sun on the willows I snapped as the children watched the weir.

Light on a flooded weirI’m left wondering what they might have been saying to each other…

I am linking to The Boy and Me’s Project 365, and Love All Blogs Better Photo Project.



20 thoughts on “Rivers, weirs and floods: project 365 #06”

  1. It is wonderful that the children can take violin lessons at school, mine chose to pass on the violin, but did learn to play the trumpet, and saxophone. Plus all learned the piano, and middle child the guitar. Then one Christmas, for whatever reason, my father decided to give all three of them their own Didgeridoo. What my father failed to investigate though was, apparently if young girls play the Didgeridoo they will become infertile. Odd, very odd.

  2. Really beautiful photos. Impressed that The Bug plays the violin at such a young age. Two of my kids play violin too ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You are getting better playing with the light! We have been to a classical concert just for babies when my wee man was really wee which was great! So a fab idea to get children into music.

  4. It is good that they both wanted to go. You must be so proud of them. You will have to come see us if you want to see about flooding ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. wow both playing violin i hope they are qyuite good else i feel sorry for your ears lol. Burton’s older cousin had violin lessons last year and i know practice makes perfect but goodness it was hard on our ears hearing her ‘performances’ lol
    your two always look like they enjoy a lovely friendship and relationship – i love the way they are facing away and are in deep conversation x x

  6. Ohh I love a good walk round Hertford, we used to go to Hartham Park in the summer and then walk into the town, the kids love it. Great river for dipping in! Mich x

  7. How wonderful they’re both learning violin and chose to go to the concert. Fabulous photos – they definitely look like they’re conspiring though ๐Ÿ™‚


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