Buzz Lightyear takes to the Rocket scooter for #TeamHonkRelay!

*Updated: for pictures of the event scroll down.

By GG…

I am embarrassed.

As I sit in maths today, my mother will be gearing up for her part in #TeamHonkRelay.

Which means she will be clothing herself in this Buzz Lightyear costume and scooting into the centre of St Albans on a Rocket Micro Scooter.

She has practiced on the scooter. But only in our kitchen. So she will be rubbish. But that is not what’s embarrassing me.

It is well known that people go silent when in the presence of a lone adult in fancy dress. Fear and uncertainty take over, Β as the possible need for self-preservation kicks in. But I won’t be embarrassed by this – I will, after all, be busy with my times tables when this takes place.

At 2pm my mum will pick up the baton from the market place outside the Herts Advertiser.Β ThisΒ may make me a little uncomfortable, as there is a good chance our local paper will carry the story. But still, this will not be the reason for my embarrassment – I will be at home when the paper arrives later this week.

Next, she will scoot it to DJ’s Jungle soft play centre to meet with it’s next carriers, Kirsty and Penny. This is fine. The place will be teeming with 2 year olds. I can claim ignorance.

What happens after this has already made me blush. For there will be no time for her to change and fetch the car before collecting me from school. So at precisely 3.15 Buzz Lightyear will be on my playground, attempting to take me from the premises. I will be hiding behind my friends, and pretending not to know her.

Please, if you see my mother today, try to forget about her instantly.

How I will be doing the #TeamHonkRelay Damn MicroScooters for making an adult scooter. And damn Cuthbert's toys for sending me one!Now, the really exciting thing is that Cuthberts Toys, who kindly donated the Rocket Scooter, have asked us to auction it in aid of Sport Relief. So if you’d like to own the best adult’s scooter around, head over to the Ebay listing to make your bid. Or use the widget below. Once the auction ends, the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the St Albans Team Honk overall team contribution to Sport Relief.

We would like to thank Cuthberts Toys, and Joker’s Masquerade, for supplying the Rocket Scooter and the Buzz Lightyear costume to make this humiliation possible! πŸ˜€ We also want to thank The Bakehouse for making us special cakes for the occasion! The children on the playground were thrilled to see Buzz Lightyear handing out gingerbread men. The children on the infants playground, that is. No-one on the juniors looked. Ahem.

UPDATE: School today was even more embarrassing than I expected. The Toy Story jokes are everywhere. My teacher asked if I wanted a Woody costume. My Teaching Assistant had actually seen my mother in town on her scooter as he popped to the shops for extra PVA glue. Oh joy. Our conversation went like this:

Him: “Well GG, would you like to take your learning to infinity and beyond today?”

Me: “Erm, no, not really…”

Him: “No, I don’t think I want to go that far either.”

Safe to say my mother’s dressing up days are over. Team Honk will have to find another sucker, because my mum is doing a bake sale! 😳

*Some photos of the day:


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