Forest School

Wot So Funee?Hands up if you know what Forest School is?

Here’s what we did in forest school this week:

  • Found a worm
  • Rescued that worm from being stamped on by Pippa. She thinks it’s funny, but I feel sorry for the worm, even though it looks gross
  • Built a house for the worm, using sticks to form a teepee-style dwelling
  • Constructed a swing with twigs and grass
  • Checked that our teacher wasn’t noticing, before we….
  • Put the worm on the swing (using a stick, obviously, I could’t possibly touch an actual worm!) and gave it a push
  • Put the worm to bed in his house, with a leaf duvet. Luckily that was before it started to rain, so the little worm was safe and dry for the night
  • What a great day that worm had

That’s what Forest School is, right?

Or should I pay better attention next week? 😉

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11 thoughts on “Forest School”

  1. I’ve got my hand up! I know what a Forest School is!
    I’m actually going to start my training soon 😀
    I’m going to be a Forest School Teacher someday and I’d be pretty happy that you and your children are looking after the worm so well!
    Sounds like you all have great fun and that’s what it’s about for me, they’ll be talking about it for years to come because they’ve had fun 🙂
    Sue x

    • Thanks Sue Marie – you’re a real Forest School teacher??? We just make our poor regular teacher wrap up in wellies and hang around in the mud with us!

  2. Well what a lucky worm, being treated to such an FABULOUS day! Probably the only exciting thing that’s ever happened to it.

  3. Ok my glorious wonderful daughter tried to make popcorn in her microwave with …. Sweetcorn. All she got was well, hot Sweetcorn. bless

  4. Haha, I think if I was a worm who received that ‘treatment’, I’d wish Pippa had stood on me at the beginning of the day…

  5. Put hands up I have been to Forest School.. you are showing an impressed face right!

    This is going to be ever more important as I move over to EYFS in Reception.


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