Stitch Head: a Book Review

By Guy Bass

At school I now have a blog of my own. We are currently being challenged to write proper posts on it, and not just message our friends. Yesterday I wrote Stitch Head: a Book Review. Mrs Feisty approved, although Mummy got into trouble for helping me put a link in there! 😳

Anyways, this is all my own work!

 What was the story about?

A mad professor named eramas made a creation called stitch he must be brave to  his kidnapped master…

 What bit did you like and why?

I liked the bit when stitch head said “well I don’t know about more adventures today but there’s always tomorow  “

What bit would you change and why?

I would change the pirate theme because the story is already exiting and it doesen’t need more exitment.

Which characters did you like/dislike and why?

I liked stitch head because he is valiant and courageous. I disliked fullburt freakfinder because he is selfish.

By GG McBookmad from Booksville, Bookland

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4 thoughts on “Stitch Head: a Book Review”

  1. Awwh what a super review .. I love kids doing stuff like this.

    ps did you have to sit on the naughty step ?

    • Lol. She does actually scare me a little bit, Mrs Feisty. And I know that she occasionally reads this blog so I’m off now before I get a detention!

  2. Wonderful imaginative story and introduction to Stitch Head and his creaky, colourful world. Guy’s writing demonstrates a world of possibility for children. Girls and boys alike will be intrigued and enchanted page by page.


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