Overheard on a Reception year school trip….

“When are we going home?”
“We just got here.”

“Owen, I know you’re in love with me, but Fraser wants to marry me.”


“Eeeuw that’s gross, I’m not touching that!”

“Fraser’s cute, isn’t he?”
“Yeah… there’s a hundred stones in my shoe.”

"Dinosaur eggs"

Two bumped heads. Tears. Accusations.
Packed lunches: berries in one, Kit-kat in another. Whining.
Kit-kat consumed. Sugar rushes.

“When’s lunch?”
“We’ve just had lunch.”
“What was it like?”

“This is awesome guys! They’ve got diamonds and a dance ball!”

"leafcutter ant"

“It’s a leafcutter. Look, it’s got toes.”

“Now then children, this is an ant’s nest. There are 5 jobs in the nest. There’s a Queen, the workers, the builders, the soldiers, and the cleaners. And guess what, they’re all girls. All the jobs in this nest are done by girls!”
“That’d be about right….”
eyerolls all round from the Mums.

“There should be more benches.”

“The coffee’s not strong enough.”

“I shouldn’t have had that extra glass last night.”

“Where’s Eva. I can’t see her anywhere.”
*Panics* Scouring of of play area begins. Eva is found; she’s been buried by Rachel in the sandpit. That’s ok then.

“When are we going home?”
“Here’s the bus. Big yellow bus.”
“Is Fraser asleep? He is! Fraser’s asleep!”

“That was awesome! Can we go there again? When can we go back there? Can we go back right now?”
“I want to go and sleep there.”

School trips are great, aren’t they…..?

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