Preventing teen suicide from bullying

suicide from bullying is preventable

What you need to know about teen suicide from bullying. Read Amanda Todd’s story, learn tips on how to stop bullying behaviour, and how to support a teenager who is being bullied. Plus a young adult novel about coping with bullying.

10 Actors with type 1 diabetes

If a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes has left you reeling, watch some feelgood TV and movies featuring famous diabetic actors you never knew have type 1. It’s guaranteed to help you realise that life can still be amazing even now you have diabetes.

6 work from home tips for parents

Some bold prints and slogans will make your home office a space for productivity

A review of the Flexispot standing desk, plus work from home tips for parents – boost your mood, productivity, mental and physical health by creating the ideal home office workspace.

Difficult teenager? Don’t write them off just yet

Parents worry about difficult teenager relationships

At some point as a parent you’re going to think you’ve got a difficult teenager, and worry about your relationship with your child. Here’s one story which might reassure you that all is not lost if you’ve had a difficult journey through your teen’s adolescence.

A great holiday in Brittany with teenagers – Al Fresco Domaine des Ormes

Jets and fountains at the Dome Domaine des Ormes

Domaine des Ormes holiday parc review – a breakdown of the parc in northern France, and some of the day trips we did with our teenagers in October 2021 half term. Activities on offer at Domaine des Ormes with Al Fresco Holidays, plus what there is for families with older children to do.

Best Christmas lights events for teens in 2021

Best Christmas lights events for teens

Seeing Christmas lights is one way to engage with teenagers at Christmas, so we’ve compiled a roundup of the best Christmas lights events for teens in 2021

How to help your teen feel Christmassy

Does anyone else struggle to get their teenagers into the Christmas spirit? I’ve asked around and here are the tricks parents are using to make their teens feel Christmassy when they’re not in the mood.

Could a vision board workshop change your life?

If you’re feeling stuck in midlife, a vision board workshop might be the way to get over your mental block. Find out how it works to bring more of what you want into your life.

It’s Not Because of You – Reparenting My Inner Child

Reparenting my inner child - sad little girl

The little girl – she must have been seven or eight years old – sat on the stairs in the dark of the hallway and concentrated really hard. If she could just stay quiet enough, breathe more shallowly and strain her ears, she would be able to hear what was being said, and work out if it was her fault. She opened her eyes wider and stared through the bannister rails at the crack of light under the kitchen door, as if she might be able to see the words, and that way understand better if she had caused them. …

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Should I Worry About My Child’s Height?

How to monitor your child's growth

When I was pregnant with my son all his scans showed him to be an average sized baby. When he was born he was placed on the 50th percentile. By his 6-week check-up he was down to 2.5%. That’s when I started to panic – was I failing to nurture my baby properly? In this blog post I’m going to look at child growth and development from the experts’ point of view, and help parents figure out what is normal growth rate for your child. As new parents we all focus hard on every tiny development in our children. The …

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Stocking Fillers For Teenagers – 147 Ideas

Christmas stocking filler ideas for teenagers

Do you still give your teenager a stocking at Christmas? Now my kids are teenagers I’ve gently suggested that they’re too old for Christmas stockings, but they are having none of it! It gets hard finding stocking fillers for teenagers though so I’ve put together a list of 147 ideas for teenage stocking fillers guaranteed to make their Christmas morning special. Brilliant ideas for Christmas stocking fillers for teenagers I’ve never had a problem finding small Christmassy gifts for teen girls, with jewellery and makeup items frequently at the top of my daughter’s list. But I’ve always found it’s especially …

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Why it’s Worth Getting an Outdoor Pizza Oven

The Gozney Roccbox outdoor pizza oven

Are outdoor portable pizza ovens any good? Read our review of the Gozney Roccbox to see how we got on with it. (Spoiler – I’m never buying supermarket pizza again).

Gifts For Teenage Girls For Special Occasions

I’ve never found choosing gifts for teenage girls tricky; even if they’re not hankering after the latest tech, it’s usually easy to find inspiration in clothes, makeup, or their latest music passion. But when it comes to special days – 18th birthdays, 21sts, or even a graduation gift – I feel like I want to push the boat out with a more memorable gift. Advertorial content: this post contains affiliate links to Newbridge, who have paid me for my time in writing this post. Words are my own. Irish lifestyle brand Newbridge Silverware got in touch with me recently to …

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How To Sleep Through Night Sweats

A cooling duvet for when you can't sleep because of night sweats

Sleeping in the heat, or through the night sweats of menopause can be difficult but there are things you can do to improve your chances of getting a restful night without resorting to air conditioning. I struggle with heat regulation at night, so when hot weather hits the I take action. Here’s how I sleep in the heat.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Your Teen Their First Car

Pixabay Your teenager passing their driving test is a major milestone not only in their life but in yours. Suddenly your teen has gained their independence in a massive way and is desperate for their own car. Having an initial discussion with them about how this is going to be financed both in terms of buying the car and paying the running costs is the first step towards deciding whether this is definitely the right time for them to take this step. Once you have both established that buying a car is definitely on the cards, here are a few …

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