Are Linky’s a thing of the past?

Sunday Funny!Friends, I have bad news. Sunfun is not well. It started off quite hale and hearty, then succumbed to the affliction that is Silent Sunday. It spluttered its way through for a while, laughter being the best medicine and all that, but in the end the virus took a hold, the Silent bacteria grew, and this linky could no longer resist the onslaught of flashlights and zoom lenses. Today the #sunfun linky will breathe its last breath and become a thing of the past.

Don’t worry, we’re not bitter; the Lady of Silent Sunday is still our great friend, and we haven’t poisoned her gin – yet! Because we have a plan. We have debated off and on whether the linky post is dead. There are so many good memes to join in with, and I’ll be honest, unless it’s #satcap or #silentsunday, you have to tweet me in the week to remind me of yours (well done to Mum of One, who does that so well, but even then I don’t always remember)! Don’t take it personally, there’s just so many posts and so many great linky’s that it’s hard to fit them all in and still write about me.

Wot So Funee?If you have a #SunFun this week, the linky is below, but next week it’s all change! Anyone remember a little thing called Wot So Funee? Well it’s back. On Tuesdays. And yes, I know it’s Snap Slappers on Tuedsay, but that’s ok, because if your snap is funny you can link it here too. And you don’t have to join me every week, only when you’ve written something funny (which most of you do, most days)!

Here you go, here’s the last ever #SunFun. Pop back on Tuesday because I have an informative video to show you, detailing the social media timetable of a Mummy Blogger’s average day. Here is how the Bug practices his writing:

"Key Stage 1 writing"
I can be a Grizzly Bear

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10 thoughts on “Are Linky’s a thing of the past?”

  1. Aw boo. And yet I am just as guilty. I’ve got a choice of Silent Sunday snaps today as we were out in the sun yesterday yet nothing to link for SunFun. As someone who generally tries to post funny stuff I’ll no doubt link in on Tuesdays every now and then.

  2. OH NO! I do have a Silent Sunday and a SunFun today and i like SunFun! But..i do like WotsoFunee as well. I use to read it all the time before. So..welcome back WotsoFunee!!!

  3. Its really hard to get a linky going. I think the photo ones seem to go down best at the weekend because they’re quick and fun. In fact it’s the photo ones which are the most popular all in all. It is disheartening when you get loads of people linking one week and none the next but as you say there’re are so many around at the moment. you can’t do too many or you lose the individuality of the blog.

    Anyway I’m sure I’ll be joining you on wot so funnee. Glad to hear its back.

  4. That’s a shame. Sorry I haven’t contributed more often. I am not funny enough. There are a lot of linkys and I am put off a blog if it is all linkys and no real content. They are fun though. Nice to share posts. Bye, bye SunFun. It’s been emotional! x

    • Yep I agree, and it’s just silly to keep it going when it’s a struggle for people to join in. Besides I loved Wot So Funee and it’s what the blog is about so if no-one joins in it’s not a big deal ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sad news. I never had any fun videos or photographs to grace the theme, only old posts which seemed a bit of a cop out, but it was such a good idea for a linky. I can’t resist one last fling….

  6. Funnily enough (see the irony) I was thinking I may stop snap slappers too ๐Ÿ˜•
    Oh it’s a tough old blogging world trying to fit everything in, and retain a personality. I tried funny photos for a while to do Sun Fun and Silent Sunday all in one which works… if you have a funny photo.
    Good luck with Wot So Funee. I keep trying to get the kids to do funny things but when I say its for the blog they just frown.

  7. Ah well, I am sorry I didn’t get to join in. Although like you, miss all the linky prompts and deadlines anyway!
    Have enjoyed reading though ๐Ÿ™‚


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