"My week in pictures"It has been a week of fun and games. Some of them welcome, others not so much. First off, we trashed the house with Daddy whilst Mummy celebrated the birthday of her great friend Annie, with the help of some double chocolate brownie after-eight mint cupcakes (yes you read that right) made by @cheetahsinshoes. They were a huuuuuuuge success!

The rest of the week has been spent appreciating the sunlight, sneaking into our hallway in the early mornings to catch the mirrors on Mummy’s mobile, drying the laundry in the breeze outside (simple pleasures), and coaxing the flowers out of their buds, sprinkling them lavishly with sparkles of dew.

A punctuation mid-week saw Mummy entertain delusions of fame, with her first invite to the studios of BBC Three Counties Radio to chat with @nickcoffer and @peabee72 about….. erm, oh, boring grown-up stuff. (She took chocolate beetroot cake as a bribe). She was also interviewed for Woman magazine, so don’t be surprised if she starts to get her head stuck in doorways before too long!

The week ended on a less than positive note when Mummy tried to put us to bed early so she could enjoy a night of blogging, updating her CV, and sipping a glass of red. Then she discovered headlice. The wine was still important, but blogging was abandoned in favour of screaming on Twitter.

Still, the weather has been good…..

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