Activities To Do With Your Kids Over The Weekend

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The weekends are an excellent opportunity to fit in some quality family time with your kids. They’ll love the chance to connect with you on a deeper level and have some fun too.

The following activities will give you a few ideas of what you can do with your kids when you have a little free time over the weekend. It’s always wise to have a variety of ideas handy that you can turn to, depending on the weather and what mood you’re all in. No matter what you do, put your phone and work tasks away and be fully present and enjoy being with your kids.

Go Camping

One activity you can do with your kids over the weekend is to go camping. Camping is a wonderful chance to spend time outdoors and take a break from your typical responsibilities and chores. Nature has a way of making you feel at ease and allowing you to decompress from the week. Take the time to plan ahead and pick the right campsite for you and your family based on your needs and preferences. Figure out what you want to do while you’re away so you’re prepared for the trip and pack the right items. For example, you may want to take a bike ride during the day or roast marshmallows by the campfire at night.

Take A Road Trip

Another fun way to spend your weekend with your kids is to pick up and go on a road trip somewhere exciting and adventurous. You might be hesitant to go if you don’t have a dependable car to drive. You can make this trip possible by investing in a reliable family vehicle that will get you around without you running into any issues or trouble. Check out the cars that will be suitable for your family and going on a road trip such as the Vauxhall Corsa for sale. It’s not only a reliable vehicle but also affordable and accessible and perfect for getting you around every day or for taking on your family trip. Stop and sightsee along the way and be sure to bring your camera to document your travels and have memories to look back on.

Play Outside

When the weather cooperates it’s wise to get outside and take in some fresh air with your kids. Have fun playing outside participating in a variety of activities that will keep you busy and active. For instance, you can teach them how to garden, play a game of kickball or volleyball, or hit the park and play on the equipment. Another idea is to take the dog outside in the backyard and run around and burn off some energy playing with your pet. Being outside will make you feel great and you’ll soon find yourself laughing and being a kid again when you’re relaxed and let your kids take the lead.

Have A Movie & Game Night

The weekends are the perfect opportunity to rest and wind down, especially if you’ve had a hectic week. Therefore, schedule a movie and game night with your loved ones to enjoy yourselves. Get into your comfortable clothing and make your favourite snacks and drinks and light the fire to create a cosy and relaxing environment to enjoy. There are plenty of games made for the whole family that will have you being silly and engaging with one another. When you’re tired of playing games and you want to curl up on the couch you can pop in a movie that will keep you entertained for the remainder of the evening.

Cook & Bake

Kids often love to spend time in the kitchen but may need your help or to be supervised, depending on the ages of your children. Therefore, another activity you can do with your kids over the weekend is to teach them how to cook and bake. You can prepare meals for the week together or make some tasty treats to enjoy right away. Cooking is fun because everyone can participate and have a job to do and you get to eat and enjoy the outcome. You can start easy and challenge yourselves to more difficult recipes each week as you improve your skills.


Volunteering will not only make you feel good inside but will also put a smile on someone else’s face. It’s an excellent way to teach your kids responsibility and to show them to look out for and help others when they can. There’s always someone in need and many different volunteer opportunities out there so do some research and pick a few based on your interests or what you think you’ll find most rewarding. It may end up being such a gratifying experience for you and your family members that you decide to commit to volunteering once or twice a month as a group.

Have A Cookout  

Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy your home and space and not have to go anywhere. Consider having a cookout with your kids and family over the weekend in this case. You can cook up some BBQ on the grill and play music and have some fun in the backyard. There are yard games you can get to play with or you might want to sit on the patio and converse with one another and take pleasure in all being together as a family. If you’re feeling social then you can think about inviting over a few friends or extended family and turn your gathering into a small party. There’s nothing better than indulging in a delicious meal outside when the weather is agreeable.

Wash the Cars

You can put your kids to work and have a little fun over the weekend simultaneously. One activity to add to your list is to wash the cars together. Pick a day when it’s warm outside and you can put on your swimming suits and won’t mind getting a little wet with the hose. It’ll save you some money and you can show your kids how to go about it the right way so they know how to wash the cars in the future. Your cars will sparkle and shine when you’re done and you can take them out for a spin to go get ice cream as a reward.


Exercising is beneficial for your mind and body and it’s a chance to reduce your stress and exert some energy. Consider exercising with your kids over the weekend if you’re looking for activities to do together. You can make it fun by participating with them and talking to them about why it’s important to move and make your health a priority. There are many ways to stay physically active as a group such as going for a hike or walk or hitting the gym as a family and playing a game of basketball. You’ll love the way you feel when you’re finished and will all sleep better at night after working out and breaking a sweat.


These are a few practical and fun activities you and your kids can do together when you’re looking for ways to fill your time on the weekends. Mix it up by trying them all at different times depending on the weather and how you’re feeling. You’ll never regret making room in your schedule to be with your loved ones and see your kids smiling and enjoying themselves. Your kids will look back and remember what a great time they had with you and be grateful you’re making them a priority even though you’re busy.

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