Glampervan Adventures: 7 Ways To Add Luxury To Your Camper

It’s no secret that each year millions of people enjoy traversing the length and breadth of the British Isles and beyond in a campervan. That’s because it’s a fun and affordable way to explore new places with family and friends! Plus, it’s way better than camping with a tent! As the UK’s coronavirus lockdown restrictions begin to ease, more folks are thinking about taking a break and getting out and about in their campervans. You’re likely here reading this article because it’s something you’re planning to do as well. Image Credit The only trouble is some people’s campers are devoid …

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Why kindness matters if you want more White people to speak up about racism

Be kind is still an important message as we take on anti-racist work

  Kindness matters, whatever your argument Why we must reclaim the Be Kind message “Be kind.” It doesn’t seem to be a popular message at the moment. There’s a devastating social justice crisis happening, and anti-racism work is absolutely the most important thing any of us could be doing right now. But there’s a large section of the White population who aren’t doing the work, and it’s not because they don’t believe in it. It’s because they’re scared. Why? Because all too frequently, as people try to do right, and inevitably get it wrong, they’re faced with recrimination and shaming …

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Creating a Pinterest Worthy Home When You Have Kids

Do you love looking through Pinterest and Instagram at beautiful interiors, and find yourself wondering how it’s possible to make your own home look as good? The images we see of interiors on social media are taken by real people in their actual homes, and while they’re often staged they’re much more real than what we tend to see in home magazines, and so although they look incredible it shows that it can be done. Whether you want to impress guests or just to enjoy your home as much as possible, here are some ideas for going about it.   …

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8 TV shows to understand racial injustice for teenagers

Black Lives Matter posters

  When you’re living with a teenager there’s a lot of debate. That’s a good thing. Young people in 2020 are massively well-informed, and for the most part pretty thoughtful about what’s going on in the world. When you talk current events with them, you will get hugely impassioned conversations – sometimes rants – from your young person, but if you persist, and hold your frustrations sometimes, it’s so worth it. Teenagers can be idealistic, but these conversations are a wonderful opportunity for them to explore what they really think, understand their parents as adults rather than Mum and Dad, …

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Is Chaos Affecting Your Mental Health? Top Tips For Organizing Your Family

It is a familiar feeling. That slightly claustrophobic and panicky feeling when every surface in your home is covered in stuff, you can’t find anything that you need, and you are late for the school pick up run again. Every time you tell yourself it is time to get organised because the way you are living now makes you feel anxious and overwhelmed pretty much all of the time. If this is the case, and clutter, chaos and general disorganisation are having an impact on your mental health, what can you do about it?   Think about what is stopping …

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Life: Rediscover Your Own Self-Care Schedule

Hey, how are you doing? Really? Now is as important a time as any to make sure that you are properly looking after yourself. Of course, it’s always important to do that – but given that there is currently a global pandemic going around, anything you can do to remain healthy is likely to be a good idea. If you have noticed that you have probably stopped properly taking care of yourself recently, then you might want to think about starting this up again as soon as possible. There are many things you might want to do, and it all …

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