Creating a Pinterest Worthy Home When You Have Kids

Do you love looking through Pinterest and Instagram at beautiful interiors, and find yourself wondering how it’s possible to make your own home look as good? The images we see of interiors on social media are taken by real people in their actual homes, and while they’re often staged they’re much more real than what we tend to see in home magazines, and so although they look incredible it shows that it can be done. Whether you want to impress guests or just to enjoy your home as much as possible, here are some ideas for going about it.


Creating a Pinterest Worthy Home When You Have Kids

Make it easy to clean

Choose materials for the home that are easy to keep clean, this is crucial when you have a busy household with pets and kids. Instead of carpets which can get stained and smelly, go with hardwood floors or natural stone which can easily be mopped and swept. Go with a leather sofa which can be wiped down, and wipeable paint which will be easy to keep nice when you have spillages and mess. Keep clutter to a minimum; not only does a minimalist room look very chic, but it’s also much easier to get around with a duster and a vacuum cleaner. 


Style the shelves

You won’t be able to get away with beautifully styled coffee tables or sideboards when you have kids due to them pulling things off, but one thing you can do to add a little extra to your room is style the shelves. They’re up on the wall so out of reach of little hands, and can be made to look really trendy with trailing plants, inspirational prints and cool ornaments. If you feel that your minimal room looks a little too bland this is a great way to add some personality while keeping little hands away. Social media is full of inspiration for styling shelves so check out Pinterest and Instagram for ideas using the hash tag #shelfie


Find the right storage

The right storage is what will allow you to keep your home looking its best. It prevents clutter and mess from getting everywhere and makes cleaning and tidying easy. You could work with residential architects to fit you some stunning, built in shelving and cupboards, or you could get online and see what products would work well. Use things like storage footstools or ottomans to quickly store extra blankets or kids toys if you want to quickly get the room in order. When it comes to cupboards, fit them out with shelves, hooks and baskets so everything can be put away once it’s been used. Teaching your kids where things go and encouraging them to put things away is a smart move too – although it might not sink in straight away! 


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