Wot So Funee?

Wot So Funee?A while ago, we were featured in a magazine article about funny things that children say. They used all of our best quotes, leaving us only with the leftover scraps of humour and misunderstanding. However, they all made us laugh, and decided they too were deserving of publication:

What do you think a Peplum is? It sounds like a kind of plum. (Insert explanation from Mummy). Oh. Is it plum-coloured?

Where would you wear palazzo pants? Bug: you’d wear them when it’s hot. GG: Are they like hot-pants from the ’70’s. They sound like pretzels. (So where would you wear them?) Inside, when no-one’s looking!

If you could swap places with anyone who would it be?: Bug: My friend James, so I could play Batman on the Wii all day…

Other nuggets of amusing confusion:
I am feeling snackable = Can I have chocolate?
Daddy has gone to Yumsterdam on business.
Mummy said a square-word.
Mummy I know that on the internet I have to be anomalous.

I know Mummy is thrilled that we have kept this linky going, especially now that so many people are joining in, sharing their own children’s writing and phrases of beguiling confusion! This is how the blog began. This is Wot So Funee?

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12 thoughts on “Wot So Funee?”

  1. I always wondered what started it off! Now I know – these are great, maybe I should ask Grace these questions!

  2. I love the things little people come out with. I imagine Jamster too would like to be someone that got to play Batman all day too – obsessed! x

  3. I have no idea what Peplum is… well I know it is a material of sorts? But when I see something online advertised as Peplum I click click away…. no idea. Is it clingy? Stretchy?
    Also I know they used a lot of it on Styled to Rock so that made me think it was a bit trendy (read clingy/stretchy)

    • A peplum! Not poplin! Anyway, didn’t poplin fall down the well forevermore in Little House on the Prairie? A peplum is one of those bits on a dress that stick out from the waist above your skirt, that has no use, and looks pretty awful unless you’re a stick insect…


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