Why getting fresh air is important: 4/52

We have a tendency to laziness in our family. The first hint of rain sees us rubbing our hands in anticipation of popcorn and a film by the fire, all 4 of us snuggled under a fleecy blanket, hiding our eyes from the parts that make us squeamish (for me it’s Voldemort, for Daddy it’s more likely to be a scene from a path lab, or a lost labrador).

But we can’t resist snow, and with the rest of the nation we duly donned our waterproofs and hiked our sledges to the nearest hill. The Bug, tearful at the prospect of getting cold, ill-fitting ski socks reminiscent of the failed skiing lesson Daddy insisted he took last summer, and the itchy label in his salopettes. Me, outraged at the lack of such a thing as a cool bobble-hat – seriously, what possible objection can my Dad have to leopard-print earmuffs??


As you can see, we forgot our angst once we hit the slopes, and didn’t come home until we had red cheeks and snow down our necks, exhilaration fueling our need to build our snowman. We could have holed up indoors for a duvet day, but then we would never have met Viv, the Aussie snowman:

"snowman on the beers"

And we wouldn’t have appreciated this hot chocolate nearly as much…

"luxury hot  chocolate"

I’m linking this post to the Gallery at Sticky Fingers, where the theme this week is “Adventure.”

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39 thoughts on “Why getting fresh air is important: 4/52”

  1. Urgh, there really is nothing quite like snow down your necks. I got snow down my wellies too which was rather unpleasant.
    Great photos of your snowy adventures. And that hot chocolate looks LUSH!!!! X

  2. Ah man I wish we weren’t snowed in, oh well what warm and drink hot choc, I love the tower of marshmallow!

  3. Awww x loving the pics 😉 but loving that hot chocolate more! Pls an you come over and make me one of those every night before bed? And ‘gin it up’ at the same time? OK? lol x

  4. Hope you put some marshmallows underneath the cream so they could melt? Good work on making sure the snowman had refreshments as well.

    Popping over from Country Kids and 365 linky, thanks for linking up.

  5. looks like you all enjoyed your snowy adventure. we didnt have much snow so we havent been able to make snowmen or sledging .However, i still managed to get some snow down the back of my neck when brushing past bushes in my garden!!! and that hot chocolate looks rather yummy mmmmm x

  6. We spent soooo much time indoors over Xmas I started going a bit stir crazy. Love Viv, I hope she had a good time here!! And wow!!!! ..to the hot chocolate!

  7. Fab photos! My little man was very excited to see the snow, now that is is gone, he comes to the window every morning expecting to see more.

  8. I suppose it would make sense that the Aussie snowman would be here, after all it would probably be a bit warm for him at home! Love the hot chocolate, that should be mandatory after a sledging session.


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