Wonderful toys every child wants for that special occasion

If you are in the process of trying to think of what you can get a child in your life then we understand your stress. You can know this child like they were your own and you could still be none the wiser about what they like and what they want. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will have some ideas or inspiration on what you can purchase for them for that special day. 

Magic Mixies crystal ball

This was at the top of a lot of Christmas lists this past December so it is no wonder that most places sold out. This left a lot of children disappointed, however, with the Christmas season well and truly over you can now get your hands on one. Surprise the lucky girl or boy with this crystal ball that emits a mysterious smoke before revealing a super cute creature. The creature is reactive and can create over 80 unique sounds. The great thing about this crystal ball is not that your child will be able to see the future, but that they can use it as a night light. 


If you are trying to buy a gift for a child that loves all things tech-related then how about getting them outside with a drone? There are so many different types of drones you can get these days so it can seem like a bit of a minefield. There are small ones that will fly with no tricks included, or you can get a bigger one that even has a camera. Something to check when buying a drone is the fly time before it needs charging. There are not many that have a long battery life so in order to avoid a frustrated child be sure to check. 

Floor Is Lava board game

If your kids were a fan of playing the floor is lava way before the hit television show came about then guess what, you can now get them an actual board game of their favourite game. Rather than using your freshly laundered pillows, they can use the games’ coloured squares. If you are wondering how it works before investing then look no further. It comes with a spinner that will tell you the colour square you are not allowed to step on. You then have to make your way across the course avoiding that particular colour. Make sure you don’t step in the lava! 

Dinosaur race track

You may know a little person that is obsessed with dinosaurs, this could be a little girl or a little boy. You will be making them very happy if you invest in this amazingly colourful race track featuring their favourite dinosaurs. You build the track by slotting it together and then the automatic truck will race around it. This is one of the top toddler toys and is sure to keep them entertained for hours. The best thing about this is that they are interchangeable and you can get many other sets like it. 

SmartLab Squishy Human Body

Do you know a child that is fascinated by the human body, perhaps they have just started learning about it at school. They will be in their element if you give them the squishy human body as a gift. This will create many hours of fun for them to explore all the different sections of the body. Not only can they fiddle with each individual part but they are also labelled correctly in plain English. This is something that will be on the shelf getting played with for years to come, you never know if you could have a future doctor in the house. 

Slime kits

Remember when slime was popular and every kid on the street was playing with it and making it? Well, guess what, it is still as popular as ever and now you can get your hands on a DIY jumbo slime kit that comes with everything you need. No more raiding the cupboards for food colouring or shaving foam! You can even make sensory slime with this amazing kit as it features beads, sparkles, and balls. 

Sit n Spin toy

If you have a little one that loves to spin until they are dizzy then there will be nothing better received than this spin toy. The child can sit on it while spinning and holding on for dear life with the piece in the middle. It won’t only bring your child hours of entertainment but you as well, due to watching them try to walk after spinning and spinning. If you have a child that loves to spin due to sensory needs then this will do wonders for them. 


You may be trying to buy something for a child that loves all things music related. If they have been pestering you for music lessons then how about you try this before shelling out? The Smart Piano Keyboard is just like any other keyboard but it comes with the function of teaching children how to play by connecting to the app. Your children will be playing like Beethoven in no time at all. They will be impressing their friends as well as their teachers if they take their talent into music class. 

Glow in the dark basketball 

If your child loves playing sports then how about this glow-in-the-dark basketball that will keep them out for hours? There is a growing trend of children sitting indoors with their faces buried in technology. They won’t even want to look at their tech when they receive this, they will want to take it straight outside. Make sure you are teaching your kids how to be safe if it is dark outside, better yet, go with them to shoot some hoops. They will love having someone for the company as well as the competition. 

Barbie styling head

Does your child see themselves as a future hair stylist, if so then this will be the perfect gift for them? They can spend hours and hours trying out new styles and techniques. You may be tired of having your hair brushed and plaited, this will be the end of all of this as they will only want to use the Barbie head. It comes complete with twenty different styling accessories as well as a brush and styling wand. If you are wondering what happens when your child tangles barbies hair then try using conditioner. It works a treat on Barbie’s hair and will untangle it with no trouble whatsoever. 

Fingerling plush

If your child was one of those that had plenty of fingerlings when they were popular then how about upgrading this to a plush version? Okay, so the plush one doesn’t wrap itself around your finger but it will melt both your and your little one’s hearts with its cuteness. It does however reach to sound and will hug your little one as well as kiss them. It will also do the usual human actions like burping and the other thing we don’t speak of. 

Speed cube

You have heard of the Rubix cube well now you have many other forms of cubes. This speed cube will have your child wondering and thinking for ages while trying to work it out. This one is stickerless so there will be no cheating, this one comes from pure skill or luck. One child, when asked about this cube, said it’s cool because of the new colours. A toy for under $10, what more could you ask for? 

We hope you found this article helpful and that it gave you plenty of ideas on what you could get for that lucky boy or girl. They will be sure to love whatever you got them as it is the thought that counts. 

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