You know how when you grow out of Peppa Pig night lights, you’re too cool for the infamous Sleepytime Bunny, or teddies just don’t cut it any more? You can’t quite give up the need for a light in your room, but you prefer to label it an “aesthetic accessory?” You trawl Amazon looking for interesting fairy lights, there aren’t many, but you settle on one and install it by your bed. And it looks fabulous! It really does – until the batteries run out…

"fairy lights"

We recently discovered Blaze On, who amongst other gorgeous things, sell beautiful fairy lights – they have a quite literally massive range – with a choice of mains adapter or battery. So no more replacing batteries every 3 days, or arguing with Mummy about how long we can have our night lights on for. Having discovered some plug-in lights we loved, we delved a bit further and found that actually, we really liked the Blaze On ethics too. They have an ethics page on their website, detailing their community projects in Thai villages, and their commitment to fair-trade products. Recycling all their waste products, they also use organic, responsibly sourced and recycled material in their lights.

Here are our choices:

The warm-tone LED technology of these lights makes them totally safe – cool to the touch, yet warm in tone, and they will last for ages. It also makes them 90% more efficient in terms of electricity consumption, which means Mummy is less stressy about us leaving them on all night! And we found that with 2 metres of cord length, we were able to plug them in and drape them wherever we wanted, unlike many lights we’ve had in the past that didn’t quite reach.

"fairy lights

You can also find Blaze On on Pinterest. *Disclosure: we were given 2 sets of fairy lights for the purpose of review. But we are really impressed with them.

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